Then the cotton swab continues to discuss the group。

Nan Ge is all uncomfortable,Take a self,Find a week,Start typing。
Li Nan:Be sleeping?
Depth:not yet
Li Nan:why are not you sleeping?
Li Nan:what are you doing?
Depth:do not know why,I can’t sleep after playing the game.
Li Nan:Haha, you are still excited.!Do you haven’t love to play games??Stealing tower is so happy?
Depth:may be
Li Nan felt that this person’s psychology may be really unfatient.,But she doesn’t say much.,Soon the topic is going to work
Li Nan:Your small slag cat? Li Nan:Is it going out?
Depth:how do you know?
Li Nan:Where do you guess?
Depth:do not know
Li Nan:you guess
Depth:And you?First floor?
Li Nan:In my bed
Li Nan:So surprised
Depth:I thought she was very afraid of you.
Li Nan:I caught her from another bedroom.,Otherwise, I have to cry at the whole bedroom.
Depth:This way.
Li Nan:She is here now.,I can’t move
Depth:She can naught when she is in my bed.,Especially at night,Early useless energy,Don’t make me can’t sleep, she doesn’t give it.
Li Nan:She is afraid that I am laughing.
Depth:You can’t do this.
Depth:After you have a child later,You will also play children, Children will be afraid of you
Li Nan:If you don’t listen, you have to fight.
Depth:If you are a childtaafraid of you,Waittagrown up,You will be afraidta
Depth:our country90Family is like this
Li Nan:Will not
Li Nan:He will always be afraid of me.