“The two little ghosts left”A faint figure is faint。

“Yes,There is a small ghost very well,Did not dare to close”A black shadow replied。
“Don’t take him,Familiar with terrain first,This plan must be done without a loss”The most talking black shadow lifted the head,I saw that the two reflective flashes there.。
Brush brush
Twenty-first chapter I love
Things are finally busy,Spring has recovered the usual life。
Breathing training http://www.discussky.cn every day,Anyway, it is so high.,Spring does not mind growing higher。
Springs hold a huge dumbbell with only one side,Practice the sword。
I saw a huge dumbbell in the hands of the spring.,Constantly waving。
Muscles on the spring of the upper body,Sweat is constantly leaving the muscles。
And the family ninja is also secretly looking at the training,This new leader is well trained,No wonder is so strong。
Springs have triggered a wave of attention。
Spring doesn’t want to,There is no training appliance in the outside training.,Be seen,Will be used as a monster。
Only in Ninja is normal。
“Spring,Take a break,eat something”Huizi hugs a lot of food,This is the demand of Spring,Otherwise, the spring can’t maintain cultivation.。
“OK,immediately”Spring is finished the last set of sword training,Stop。
As for the shadow, it is not dare to practice.,In case someone imitates,Be bad,Will practice problems。
Don’t imitate this point of view.。
Springs breathing is stable,Just next to Huizi,Wipe sweat with a towel,Pick up the food, I have a big mouth.。
Fortunately, your digestive function is powerful,Otherwise, don’t eat so much,To the toilet is troublesome。
Forehead,What is wrong with this?,Is there a digestion?。。。。
Springs a head black line。
“Spring,What’s wrong with you,Is it tired?”Huizi asked。
“it’s okay no problem”Spring will continue to eat quickly。
For the springs,Huizi is not surprised.,Ninja is originally larger than the average,But the spring is indeed a bit exaggerated.。
after eating,Spring opens the breathing of water,Digest,By the way, clean the sweat。
Then I started to exercise Chakra’s cohesion.,This is the key to compress Chakra,Relationship with Chakra’s control capabilities,But not exactly the same。
Chakra Cohesion,The standard unit is more destructive,Of course, the more you consume,But can also be compressed。
Chakra surgery knife,Spring is already available,But it is impossible to cut off steel.。
And this technique can only be used to make Quanqi exercise Chakra’s aggregation。
Chatau does not have to attach Chakra at all,Spring only needs the outbreak of that moment,Usually, it is directly http://www.paihaodian.cn attacking the water.,This can also save Chakra。
And the cultivation of the sword is not progress,Squirting is a way to use it.,But can’t break out for a long time,Leave it when you have a sign。
After practicing a burst of spring,He wants to check your own preparation。
A large number of outside ninja came to the wooden leaves,Preparation of food must be fully。