He does not have a ridiculous thought。
One thousand people are hundreds of people……Surrounded by?
Matter shakes the brain,Put the seven-eight-eighth mood to expel the head,The look is sinking to the extreme。
Although the angel is not just this thousand people,But for him,Still suffering。
Personnel,Stronghold,Branch,These conversions,All money,Is the interests of their own。
And the other party did not stop。
Even if I want to think with my butt,They will continue to break their branches and base points.。
Just when he thinks,Tarop next to suddenly opened,“Duke,So many people died,I think Indonesian red and white organization should be notified.。”
Duke’s eyes,Sound is getting colder,“Tarop,What do you know?。”
Taro is smiling,“I certainly know,Because he is my enemy,Kill my parents,Kill my brother and sister’s enemy,Can I not know??”
I heard this sentence,Duke is not a glimpse。
Go see Taro,Although my face is with a smile,Sadness and hate。
The whole person seems to be pitiful。
This appearance falls in Duke,Let him have a few dissatisfaction and slow pressure。
“Can you talk to me?,Who are they?” Taro shook his head,“I don’t know his specific identity.,I only know that he is a mercenary head,I was hired to kill my family.……”Her eyes reveals deep sadness,“I have a bloody and sea hatred.,So I want a man who is relying on……Help me avenge。”
Merely,She looked at Duke,Flashing wipe worship,“But Duke,Waiting for you to truly in order to unify the Bachelor underground world,I can’t bear to tell you this.,I know……You love me……Hoot……”Speech,She squatted in Dukhuai.。
Duke’s heart is melted,I have a great satisfaction in my heart.。
He gently patted the back of Taro with his hand.,Faint,“Rest assured,Those people who die are just some cannon gray,My real power has not been dispatched.。”
Toned,Cold sweat,“Since he is your enemy,That is my enemy,Tarop,Rest assured,He will definitely die!”
Tarop raises the head,Tearful,“Really Duke,You,You didn’t lie to me?”
“Haha,How can I lie to you?,But……”He holds the white cheeks of Taro,“You just said that the red and white organization in Notification Indonesia,Is there anything??”
“I am thinking,So many people died,Red and white organizations cannot be seen,Just notify them,Even for the stability of Baucheng,They will definitelyad……”Duke eyes bright,Vertical ear。
……After a moment。
Duke fluctuated the phone。
“Where are they now??”
“Du Ye,They have rushed to the next base point in Nabairo City.,Are we……Where is it?……”Merely,His voice becomes slightly,“Is it temporarily returned?。”
Duke snorted,“Why do you want to retreat??
Put all divisions and strongholds of South Bar City,All collectively,Continue to kill me。”
Confidential tribute to face。
“How many people are there in Nanba??”
Duke’s voice came。
Proclaim the spirit of the spirit,Answer,“There are more than a thousand people。”