“But finally。”

Lift your head looking at the sky,Meiqin’s eyes can not stand on the sun slightly stagnant,I don’t know where to run it for a moment.。
He will come too.。
Gross Middle School Dormitory。
“This way.,Is there a proof of the outer circumstances of Baijing Classmates and the Yuman Sister??”Comb black long straight girl one casual dress,Stand with your shoulder and head.,I also mention a mat in my hand.,Take a balcony,“I thought I couldn’t get it.”
“not bad。”Then,The sound of the spring is slightly weak,“and also,This time, the palace is said to come.。”
“Hey?Is the sickness of the senior??”Sko Tian is a glimpse,So slightly surprised。
“According to the statement of Yumu Society,Already completely。”The sound of the first spring with a silky color,“You think”
“I am still in curious school.level 5How can the thermal system be sick?。”Sky is also squeezed,The face comes out of a smile,“So this is ah,No wonder the sister before the Scholars in the biscuit,The face with that obvious girl feelings on the face?!”
Two people talked for a long time,If you are in the Qing Palace or anyone in the United States,I heard this means unknown.,I am afraid I have http://www.iphoneseo.cn to blow out a blood.。
What do you think of doing two?!
“I will go back to shopping after I am busy with the Baijing classmates.,So before the preparation work, please give you.!”The phone is hanging up after the first sentence is finished.。
“Really。”Sagitian listened to the sound sound of the phone,I can’t help but shake my head.,Put down your phone,The phone turned several circles in her hand.,Pulf floating on the bed。
“well~~~Come on!”
With the sound of girls,The kitchen quickly came out of order。
“so,Is this still recovered to be idle??”In the restaurant in the dormitory,A beautiful lavender girl in a maid is smashed with a leisurely eating breakfast.,Curious opening asked。
There is no one in addition to Meiqin outside the dormitory restaurant.,Quite a feeling of chart。This day is three times,Students http://www.isayido.cn are not eating breakfast,Each enjoy a lot of holidays,If you don’t have it early?,People like Meiqin to eat breakfast this time really,Maybe it will accompany her when you have n’thing to do.,But because the work of the discipline will go out early.。
“Pleased,Dance summer,How can I seem to be idle every day?。”Meiqin biting a roasted cocoa-yellow delicious bread,While saying slightly dissatisfaction,“I am just no trip before the afternoon.。”
“I haven’t had anything to eat in the restaurant recently.。”Soil door dance summer is not picking up the piano,But blinking blinking,Pick up a teapot with black tea from the tray,Gently pour out a cup for Meiqin,“What did you do??”
“Do some miscellaneous things,Very troublesome。”Meiqin is a shadow,It is mentioned that the butter knife will be drawn in the bread.,Gently bitten a bite。
I think of the experience of the previous few days ago,It’s like a nightmare.,That seems to be a desperate feeling,I still remember that I still let the Meiqin don’t swine.,If it is not that teenager’s words
“White well often dine a person。”Soil door dance summer gently put down the black tea cup,Whispered,“It looks a little loneliness.。”
Meiqin took the black tea’s hand slightly.。
Think of the school girls who have been worried about themselves,That although I often like to make myself a helpless.,But the key moments are very reliable,Meiqin can’t help but sorry。
“I know。”Meiqin sighs,A mouthful of black tea。
think carefully,She and those who have always called themselves‘sister’Child,Isn’t it exactly the same??Including the name is also
Let’s take a look at her.。
“Reading experience?”Discipline members177Branch,Mei Wei is curious, watching the first spring of the keyboard in front of the computer,“what is that?Holiday homework??”
“Be right,Holiday homework。”Early spring palsy on the chair,A face desperate,“I am clear that there is still a lot of troublesome homework.,Why do you still write this reading report??”
“Oh, we didn’t seem to have this kind of thing.。”Mei Wei took out a bottle of Musashi wild milk from the refrigerator,If you have a bite, if you think about it?,Subsequently laughed,“But this kind of thing is,I should also write it at the time.”
“Hey?”The first spring is curious about blinking,“why?Said that the sister was also graduated in Guanchuan Middle School.?Containment with the Qing Dynasty?”
“Be right。”Gu Wei, a smile laugh,The color of a mortem is flashing in the eyes,“That time”
“At that time, she is a strong and bad girl.,How can I write??”Sudden,A loud laugh,then,Open the door,An all familiar figure came in,“How much,At that time, I didn’t write it.”
“Senior!”The first spring is a surprise called,“long time no see。”