this moment,Everyone seeing a illusion。

As if,This door will open。
This……what happened?
Surprised,It is doubtful。
Everyone’s eyes are attracted,Noba’s space is silent,Needle。
There is also an exception。
, For example, Lu Haifeng,Xiao Yu,Those who have grown in summer。
They are shocked by one by one,Like I don’t believe my eyes,Shock your head,I doubt what I saw is an illusion.。
Even if Su Xiaoxia is also a small mouth,Be unbelievable。
But she quickly looked at the summer.,Why,In the heart, you are full of endless worship.。
“Heaven……This……this is……This……Door of hell……”
Standland。Guo Master is full of exclusive and exclusive,It seems too surprised,It caused his voice to shake vigorously。
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Door of hell?
what is that?
People oppose each other,I saw the shock and doubts of each other.。
Even if Wang Fei and Lin Xiaofan are also frowning,Detailed thinking is not known。
Only one person’s expression is different。
General Manager of Zhou Xiaojie Jewelry Group,Money civilization!
Although the week is the largest jewelry company in Xiangjiang City,But the field involved,Never jewelery and jewelry。
When the money civilization heard the four words of hell,His two scorpions suddenly shrink。
Then, like Guo Master,Also put two eyes and beads,I can’t stare at the painting.。
“Guo Master,I would like to ask the door of this hell is……”
Wang Fei doesn’t have so much counted,Short shock,Eliminate unlimited curiosity。 Fall into the voice,Everyone also brushed to Guo Master。
Master Guo has turned a breath.,Some complex look at the summer,This is slowly open。
“Door of hell,A picture……”
Toned,He considers the word,Repeat,“Is a picture that belongs to the legend,I did not expect,It actually exists,In the medieval,I don’t know where two paintings,One of the pictures,It is the door of this hell,And another,Heaven is the road to heaven。”
Paradise road?
Door of hell?
Everyone faces each other,But no one is interrupted,Early ears listen,Estabilfully missed a word。
“it’s said,These two pictures were in the initial time,Unbelievable magic,And each owner with this picture,Their life will change because of these two pictures,Is invaluable treasure。”
“You are staring at the door for 30 seconds,See what will happen。”