Wang traffic nodded,This is really a hunch of the small company.,Hard strength is more than Sina、Netease、Sohu these portal giants,Then I can only rely on money to maintain competitiveness.,Comperate with them。

However, if he can buy it,That situation can be changed.,There is a support of Tiangheng,These costs can be reduced in this cost of advertising and prizes.,Cost drop,The profit margin is naturally rising.,Don’t worry too much。
Top information,The data of the network news is not bad.,It is indeed a good acquisition goal.。
Wang traffic smiles and puts down the information,road:“not bad,It is,Have you contacted the other party??”
Li Xiangtao laughed:“Have already contacted,They also know their situation,Now let go of money to operate,Can still support it,Sina、Netease、Sohu these door giants are eyeing the wireless market.,Successively enter,Later light rely on themselves,I have to be squeezed by Sina sooner or later.,Network news also gives yourself looking for an idea of mountains。
I heard that we are interested in acquisition.,They have been very refreshing.,Today, come to Beijing tomorrow morning to talk to us.。”
Wang traffic laughs,Know your own competition but,Active to find thighs,Be unilaterable,See this,The willingness to purchase is not a problem,The most important problem now,It is the price.。
“Is the purchase price considered??How much is more cost-effective?”
Li Xiang Tao:“I am prelimating.,Now the mobile phone is getting more and more popular,Statistics made by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Domestic mobile phone users broke through 200 million last year,And still growing rapidly,Wireless this piece of great potential can be dug,The foreground is very good。
Network news although the profit margin is not high,But the scale and revenue are still good.,We want to take a smooth acquisition,It is expected to be a little bit of 500 million,Maximum as long as no more than two hundred million,I can accept it for us.。”
Wang Liu Shen said:“Internet news performance,Improve this price,However, we have slowed a step by step.,Wireless this outlook is not bad,Do not need to be taken from this acquisition。
What is the urgent task is to enter the wireless market as soon as possible,Don’t fall behind, there are too many new waves.,It is rare to find such a good acquisition goal.,The upper limit can relax a little more,As long as you can acquire it smoothly,Enter the wireless market as soon as possible,It doesn’t matter if the purchase price is replayed.。”
Li Xiang Tao:“Row,Then I will talk about the situation when I have negotiated tomorrow.,If the network news appetite,Two billions are still not satisfied,I will improve a little purchase price.。”
For the development of wireless market,Acquisition of web news is a key step,But compared to Tiansheng’s business,The wireless market can only be counted as an attempt.。
And just the first negotiation,Not important to let the king participate in person,It’s enough to come to Tao.。
Know your own situation,Network news is also actively looking for a good host,In order to make yourself in the increasingly fierce wireless market station,And seek better long-term development。
Facing the olive branch of the active shot,Net messaging is also very active,I want to find myself,There is no better goal than Tiansheng’s Internet giants.。
Not only active from Shenzhen to Beijing and Tiansheng to launch negotiations,And also made some concessions,Bid14100 million,I don’t even have a forecast of Li Xiang Tao.15Hundred million lowest price,However, two requirements have also been proposed.。
“They want to retain some shares?”Wang Zhuyou looks like Li Xiang Tao。
Li Xiangtao helpless:“We are looking for wholly-owned acquisitions.,They are not stupid,I know that there is Tian Sheng to rely on the mountain.,Company prospects will be better,Give yourself some shares,More cost-effective than selling companies。
I persuade my persuasion,But their attitude is very firm,Not unreasonable。”
“How many shares they want to keep?”
“30,14100 million,Let’s give us70Shares。”
NS492chapter Acquisition
14100 million,Let70Shares,It is not a valuation of 200 million.?
I have gave myself to the mountain,Also tied financing,Take the support of Tianda,Reserve a wave of long-term benefits to yourself,This is true if this is called.。
Wang Liyou,But standing on the network,To give yourself some interests as much as possible,It is normal。
He can not care more about a little acquisition price,But the shares can not be easy to make,There is Tiand to rely on the mountain,QQ、Search and other business help drainage,The prospect of the network is inevitable.。
Now let go of shares,It is far more than a much more money.。
But I will leave some shares, I don’t want it.,Let’s resolute attitude,If you adhere to wholly-owned acquisition,I am afraid this acquisition.,I don’t want to find a suitable acquisition target in China.。
Er, even if you have been purchased,I want them to work hard,Also give appropriate equity incentives,It is better to let them stay some shares.。
Wang flows dark discs,Open mouth:“Can promise them,Give them some shares,but30Too much,It has a pressure to press down,Minimum is also pressed20。