Lu Haocheng looked confused her,“Silly girl,Are you dissatisfied with my design??”

Blue Xin slightly shakes his head:“Ah Cheng,Your design is very good,But I went in to the mall and met Gu Anan.,The information in her hand accidentally hit it.,The design on the design documents is the same as our company.,Not only the previous design,Also have a later design,I only saw a page,But and I see the second phase of your prepared is exactly the same.。
You think about it.,The design picture has no disclosure?”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Face is also lifting,“Blue,Do you determine that you have not seen a mistake??”
Lan Xin nodded,“Such an important thing,I can’t see a mistake.。”
“Blue,You are sitting first,I am going to let Ou Jing come in.。”
Lu Hao became the face of his face,Powerful percentage moves with his face change。
Ou Jingxi quickly called Lu Haocheng.。
Ou Jing, sitting opposite two,Looking at the two faces,There is no such as glue, like a glue.。
“what happened?”
He asked faintly,The eyes fall on the face of Blue Xin slightly pale。
Lu Haocheng looked at him,“Our design is stolen。”
Ou Jingzhen is awkward,Tone:“impossible。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Blue-blue eyes have seen,And the company’s spring design,Is Yao Yao’s company。”
European, face, changing:“I am going to call a call.,Immediately give you an accurate reply。”
European,Get up and not left。
Blue Xindao:“European secretary,Can you check when you check it??”
Ou Jing nodded,“it is good,After five minutes, I will come back.。”
Blue Xin is slightly low,Nowadays, the new product release will be held three days later.,If the other party also knows the specific date of the new product conference of the Lu Group,It will be a new product before the Group。
The other party is released in advance,The Bo Group issued a new product without the message.,The consequences could be disastrous,She slightly,The other party is not tomorrow, it is released.,In short, it will make Lu Yun Group can’t work.。
Lu Haozheng hosted her in his arms,Whisper:“Silly girl,Don’t worry,These things are handed over to me。”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“I am worried, I have no ability to manage.。”
She can only take a wheelchair now,Even if you don’t take a wheelchair,She except for design,What else is。
“hehe”Lu Haochong,“fool,How can I not help me??
I deliberately tell me today.,This is, I helped me.。”
His blue blue,It can always be his Fuxing。
Blue Xin is slightly leaning on him,Looking at the orchids not far away:“I hope nothing.?”
She is a little worried,Lying in bed for half a year,She doesn’t know what happened.,See Gu Anan today,It feels a bit of uneasiness.。
Lu Haocheng patted her back comfort her.,“Silly girl,I know in advance.,Do you still have other things??
But you meet Jiang Jing today.,She is not bad about you.。”
Blue Xin’s surprised looked at him:“How can you know this??”
Lu Hao’s face is somewhat bad,Looking deep deeply,“fool,I don’t ask,Will you tell me??
Jiang Jing is a woman,I shouldn’t let her at the time.,She and Gu Anan,What can I have any good things??”
“hehe”Blue Xin laughs,“People in the world,Which is perfect,She doesn’t understand repentance,Life will give her more lessons than us.,What is it?。”
“She is grouped from her mother from a child.,I am experiencing such a thing now.,For her,Already like living in hell,She is not good in her heart.,Let her have a few words.。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Some do not agree,“Why do you want her??
I don’t allow anyone to bully you.。”
“hehe”Blue Xin smiles a happy leaning on his arms,Now she faces him,Occasionally, the constant is a little temper.,But no matter what she does,How is it unreasonable?,This man is always inherently。
Touching the tone of yourself is soft and soft,That pair of cold blacks is always warm when they face themselves.。
“Ah Cheng,As long as you are good to me.,You are good to me.,Warm the world is all good about me。”