“Be right,And my sister is cultivating,Always compare《Ming Yucheng》Come out of your way,if only《Ming Yucheng》Great success,It can break through the new realm immediately,but……Thus,My sister will be like the real Moon and Baoyu.,Beauty,No emotions。”Pity is worried。

The teacher’s sister is from the beginning,Other plane,Inviting the month, it is to put your own way.,Accomplish《Ming Yucheng》superior,Every step is both cultivation《Ming Yucheng》、Also perfecting your own way。
Discuss《Ming Yucheng》Understanding,Practice to the eighth floor,Will not inferior to the first eight-layer《Ming Yucheng》Founder。
So《Ming Yucheng》Eighth floor,Inviting the moon than the pity star。
If cultivated to the ninth floor of a big success,Be《Ming Yucheng》superior,Wandering months and founders,At the same time, I have been with this.,Walk out of your moon,Can take a step away……
But then,《Ming Yucheng》The ninth floor of the neighborhood、Will be expressive in the moon。
“What is you talking to you before??”Chu Deirers remembered during the day,When the month is leaving, the pity star just cried.,What seems to be thought of。
“My sister said……Finally promise me three things,Don’t make her difficult things,After that, I have no sisters.……”Pity star、I will omit the words that have been invited before,Just say the most critical。
Under the stimulation,Invitation month, I realize two things that can move their minds.——She has always thought it,Only one。
One is the sequelae of Jiang Fengyuo,Flower’s decisive battle with small fish,Second……Sister pity star。
The former is the hate for Jiang Feng,The moon has already solved the way,As long as there is no shortage of flowers and small fish,Double retaliation……
This is why it will be free of the month.,It is the most important thing as it is、Approved,One side is expected to ruin him through a battle with the little fish.——People lose people will die,But the person who wins,It will spend a lot of life in the remorse.。
Just do this,Invitation of the moon for Jiang Feng and flower,Will be completely obliterated。
But then she found again,I originally thought that I didn’t care about myself.,Actually, you can also shake your own mood.……
So invite the month to find a pity star“Handle”——Not to say,I am not my sister in the future.,Be able to“Handle”of,Must completely obliterate this emotion。
Invitation month’s way is,Finally, do three things for pity,To strengthen your determination,To achieve the purpose of emotion。
So the pity star realizes,You may always lose“elder sister”。
She thought she was,Inviting the month, fell in love with Chu Deirers.,This matter may have a transfer。
Even the pity is still thinking,Let Chu Deee to let the little fish and flowers,The result suddenly found,I seem to have misunderstood.……
“She wants to use this way,Convince yourself since then without your sisters?It must also be three things that do not make her difficult.?”Chu Deirers also understand the heart of the moon。
“Be right,Although my sister has no special emphasis,but……If it is true to the extent that she is difficult,She will use more torture、Also torture your own way,Come out this step。”Pity Star does not say so specifically。
However, Chu Deirers can also see some pity in the original.——The original is invited to kill the pity when the month is in the end.,And if the madness is rushing with the body of the poor star,It’s completely crazy.……
This woman is getting,All of you“kill”。
Consider“Help you do three things”、Yes“Kill your sister, there is no sister.”Alternative plan,If the Pity Star is stars、If you want the moon,Invitation, the month is not until、What all do!
“Chuiro,Only by you!”Pity star is not explained before she is coming out,Instead, give the Chu Deirers.。
“what?Invitation moon,I……It should be ranked behind you.?”Chu Deirers also have some hiking。
“Do not,I can use three things to ask for my sister.,Come to create opportunities for you!”Pity star firmly。
“three things……”Chu Deirers,Obviously can’t think of,How to use three things,Let’s let the moon like some,To give up for yourself《Ming Yucheng》,Or……Abandon your own martialo。
Leave and right think,There is no result,Chu Deirers said:“I can’t let her give me a child.,Look at the motherhood can’t feel her.?”
Pity star looked at the Chu Deirers,It is emphasized:“Too much words,My sister will kill you directly.。”And I——Pity stars in the heart。
certainly,at the same time,Pity also really puts this in the candidate——If the first two requirements are not,Third thing……Pity and make this!
Although I am awkward,But the pity star plans in the heart……