“It also makes sense,Then they are being closed in the prison.?”

“no,Where do we do it?,We have founded the Jingshi Prison and Tendai Prison.,There is nothing。”
“Constitutional Command?”
“nor?Then they will be closed.!Will it be a hospital,It’s not that they were hurt.。”
“Hospital we have also found,No trace is found。”
Rui Rui is believed in the strength of these people,Continue asking:“Mao Chuanxiu and still are not in Beiping?”
“have no idea,Because these days don’t have any news?。”
“Is it going to Tianjin?!”Zeng Ce is Tianjin Station,The big capital of the resort is also in Tianjin,Tianjin is also Mao Chuanxiu and a very familiar place.,His Yuanshan Mansion is still active,Shen Xilin lurked in his specialist。
“This is also likely,I immediately sent people to investigate。”Le Qianwen said to call now,But suddenly remembered that there is a stranger before,Asked:“who are you?”
“Zeng Yin is my five brother,We are to save people,Because the five brothers told me you,So taking the liberty to see。”
“You are the military eight big king who?”
“I am not in the eight big king.,We are all called Xu Baichuan Four Brothers.,Zheng Yao first six brothers,The same is also called Zeng Che。”
“I can help you find Zeng Ce.,Because they are our heads,We also want to save them out。”If it is a devil’s special agent,They will directly catch people.,Come at all at all, I’m afraid.,Anti-group also wants to save people,Le Qianwen chooses to believe in people。
There is also the reason for which she believes is single ridge.,Because she has left Jingjin fast one year,The Japanese don’t know how her real name is.,Look at this person is also very understanding,It should be that Zeng Che,If the relationship is not close,How can the head say these,Even the army’s Dai boss did not say much to half。
“Now I am looking at the devil to catch the group,Do you have to do things too much.。”Ritual,
“I know,Recently, there are so many things.,I suspect that we have an traitor in the middle.。”
“It must be a traitor,I will find a way to help you find it.。”Rui is probably knowing who said,
“If we have a message how to contact you?”
“If you find something,Just in Tongrentang pharmacy exterior、I will come to see you.。”
“I see!”Le Qianwen is not the back of the group.,But because this time time anti-group losses are relatively large,She has gradually become the main figure。
Rui Rui immediately went to the military and Peiping Station,After identifying the identity, use their radio to send a telegram.,Zeng Ce is wearing love,He also listened to Xu Baichuan to report that Xiaofei wanted to save people in Northern Northern.。
Received Rui’s telegram,Wearing is immediate,Make Beiping Station,Tianjin Station is allocated to the command,At this time, Beiping Station Webmaster Liu Wenxiu,He received the boss’s telegram, he knew that the young man in front of him was killing the god.,Legendary nine brother。
“Nine brother,It turned out to be you!”
“Grade three?”Qi Rui’s face is very ugly,
“He has made it on Mao Chuanxiu and,It is already a dog with a devil!”Liu Wenxian bite his teeth,
“Zeng Ce, they were sold by him.?”
“Yes,Otherwise, the five brothers will never ambush。”
“Hasn’t I check that the five brothers is??”Qi Rui,
“Very strange,A little news is not found。”
“What are the big things in Beiping recently??”
“Nine brother,Recently, Beiping came two Emperor Emperor.,A triesel insurance,Central,I heard that it is a Japanese aristocratic.,There is also a Yue Lang,Also a nobleman。”
“Emperor Emperor?”
“Correct,Because the Battle of Ba Road makes Daonda Jun eat a big loss,The devil’s Tiamasonics these two people come to condolence,Daonda Jun is also very polite to them.。”
I thought about it.,Say:“I know this moon insurance,Is a member of Japan,They all like horse riding,And ride every day,You personally plan to kill them!be quick!”
“Yes!We also have this plan!”Liu Wenxiu said,
“Kill them two don’t need more people,Two enough!Your own amount,If you can’t talk to me!”Ritual,
“Nine brothers rest assured,We Beiping Station must complete the task!”