733 The sound behind the car
Zhang Yuantu is Lin Shuangwen who was fainting in the past,After some pulse,Is a long breath and said:“Fortunately, it didn’t hurt the internal organs,Just got out of breath。”
After pushing the palace and promoting blood circulation,Lin Shuangwen woke up leisurely,It’s just that he sees Chen Xiu like a mouse sees a cat,The man who stunned himself with one punch,Can’t help but let him be afraid。
Chen Xiu was relieved when he saw Lin Shuangwen was fine,Or just try a punch,This is a sin!
of course,Seeing Lin Shuangwen’s eyes with a hint of resentment besides fear of himself,Chen Xiu is also slightly embarrassed,I can’t blame others for hating myself,Who would have thought that my strength has increased so much。
“Thank you Zhang Tianshi for the book,Wherever I am useful in the future,Must not let go!”
Chen Xiu wants to take Ou Sheng to leave,Zhang Yuantu left them。
“You have an extraordinary talent,The method of practicing Exorcism Sutra is done in one go,Explain that we have a destiny。”
“Stay and work with us to complete the great cause of destroying zombies,Return the world a clean!”
Chen Xiu was hesitant,Zhang Yuantu’s lifelong mission to destroy zombies is understandable,Chen Xiu does not have much hatred for the zombie group,Except for the one that attacked him last night。
“Zhang Tianshi,I might say something you don’t like。Although my strength has improved,But it’s too far from Ge Hong,You can’t do it right with Ge Hong。
Zombies don’t provoke me。
Thousands of years have passed anyway,People in the world who don’t know the existence of zombies also live well。”
Zhang Yuantu and Lin Caiwei are both unknown integrity,Lin Caiwei scolded even more:“Zombies feed on humans,And our natural enemy。As a human being, you don’t take life as your own responsibility,I really read you wrong!”
Chen Xiu pouted,It’s like retorting,Humans have eaten all species in the world,Doesn’t it mean that all creatures all over the world have to destroy mankind as their mission?!
But their ideas are different from their deep-rooted ideas,Talking more is not helpful,No one can convince anyone。
If the argument can solve the problem,There is no war in this world。