Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two:Deadly friendship,Reincarnation!

Xiaomeng hummed softly:“listen,Although this erysipelas is extremely poisonous,but,What he said is also condensed by the spiritual power of various pills。”
“And this erysipelas is the size of a fist,How big is the spiritual power in it,I think,Don’t need me to say!”
Fu Ming heard the words and looked at erysipelas,There was a glow in my eyes,Listen to Xiaomeng,This thing is still made up!
Xiaomeng continued to speak:“As long as this erysipelas is handled properly,You can completely eliminate the toxicity,Only spiritual power left!”
“How to remove?”
“It’s mine!”
Xiaomeng standing body,Looking at erysipelas with solemn eyes。
Chapter Three Hundred and Three:Return to Zongmen,Full face!
“Hahahaha,That’s right,Come come come,Let’s drink”
Hanshan laughed heartily,She immediately recovered her sunny look。
“Thank you Uncle Han”
Fuming smiled bitterly,The two immediately took their seats。
“Leaflet,Let’s have a good drink today,Not just for you to save my life,Even more because I can accept an apprentice tomorrow,Hahaha”
Han Shan picked up the hip flask and poured the drink,The strong alcohol is spreading out。
Fuming raised his glass and smiled:“Uncle Han, you gave up thinking about me?”
Han Shan was taken aback,Whisper:“Can’t say give up,I can only say that everything is fine,I can do this.