How can it be so expensive??
Gu An’an, the next side to explain:“Purple,This is a well-known brand of foreign countriessj。”
Lin Zikai listened,Face instant,how come?
She only saw Blue Xin and Le Yu in here.,Nor,Gone,Nothing to pay attention to what brand is this。
Le Yu, a face, looked at Lin Zikai,She is also a nice designer,Since I don’t know what brand in China?
But this is just right,Can brush her existence。
“Congratulations to Miss Lin,So many new models,No matter where it is worn,You are the most dazzling one in this city.。”
Lin Zikang listened to Le Yu, this meeting,It’s just a snow.,Almost gas-vomiting blood。
She is now riding a tiger,She didn’t have this money at all.。
She has some angle of retreat.。
They have money again,It is not like this to squander.。
Dad will kill her.。
But in front of Blue Xin,Do she really want to lose their face??
Lin Zishi bites his teeth,Take a black card,Handle the waiter。
She can retire all the goods.。
The waiter is careful from the wing,Quickly swipe the card。
The waiter is very laughing and holding card back,Looking at Lin Zishi smiled:“Miss,Please confirm the goods on the store,If there is no quality problem,We don’t accept returns here.。”
Lin Zihang’s face completely lost blood color,Whole people rush。
Gu Anan quickly helped her.,She is really too impulsive.,She Ji Lin Ziwa today,Just want to talk to her to acquire the acquisition of the shares.。
Look,She can only try to try the Yao Yaojing.,After all, Yao Yaojing is also very powerful.。
Lin Zishi looked at Blue Xin and Le Yu,She uses her fist,Faceless,it is good,very good,She will give these two women to ask for mercy in front of her.。
She must let the blue are crying,I am going to let her go.。
Then,Lin Zihang can only pale face,One piece to confirm the clothes。
Blue Xin and Le Yu,I also got to show her.。
Lu Si He chased out,Looking at a charming music,Sound warning:“Le Yu,I advise you not to face too much.,A little from Mu Big Brother,Mu big brother is not your high climb。”
Le Yu is gently glanced at her.,“go away,Look at me, appetite,I still want to have dinner.?
Besides,Do you think you are worthy of Mu Zi??”
“I”Rio,“Take the home of our land,Naturally, it is worthy of the big brother.。”
Le Yu 妍 妍 微 微 唇,Charming eyes picked up slightly,The temperament of the people’s soul is can’t overflow.,Standing with Blue Xin,Charming,Clear,Form a strong contrast,Once abnormal attractive。
“That congratulations in advance,Hold a beautiful man!”
Le Yu smiles。
For Lu Sin,She is not in the eyes。
Lu Si, but it is a spoiled big lady.,There is no business ability,Once the family is bankruptcy,Starvate is also possible。
Lu Sien turned。