“what?The people of the Fuyang Wangfu have not yet?”Chu Deirers surprised。

Zhao Min was so destroyed?
“Do not,Not a Mongolian,Is a good penalty。”Wushu is busy talking。
Chu Deman:……
Good guy!
Think about it,The group of people is mixed、Dragon snake mixed,Did you dare to get piles at this time,Isn’t this a chance to give Zhang San Li??
Reward ordered,Penalize……No one is willing to pick up!No wonder someone is eager to return。
However, people who are teaching will not take care of them.,It is already considered“Deep sense”,How can it make them go back to the light??
But others want to hide to appreciate the good and throw,The Chu Deiren is just wanting to take the initiative.,I quickly asked the elderly.,Expanded a light power and slipped down the cliff……
Chu Deirers rushed to the top of the top of the top,Just see many people want to return to the mountain,But it is blocked by the five elements of people.,Behind……But there are two people,Already copied。
A group of martial arts people,Emergency,The five elements are hip haha.,Don’t do it、That’s it,Waiting for them to be copied……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 642 Good punishment
“Mingjiao brothers,US、Do we not shake your hair??”
“Be right,Why don’t you let us go??”
“Today’s bright top,There is Yang Zuo Mark and two Kings,Can be associated with Devorat Island!”
At this time, keep this in the mountains.,It is the flood flag of Tang Yang,Tang Yang, dressed up,Positive to these 魑 魑 魍魉 哂 哂。
“Handsharing?I am teaching just a general situation.,Not difficult to do with you,As for the Heroes Island,The surname Yang……Yang Zuo,List of listed,Reward, let us follow,Use you to join hands?”Tang Yang disdain。
People in the rivers and lakes,See you can’t escape,Some broken mouth、Some want to escape,But then I saw a fat and thin.,Has been copied from the back。
In fact, this,Not all evil pieces、Even some even gray is not,In the moment,Nothing is not a famous big school,even……Huashan School’s fresh、Kunlun Pie’s Heat,Also listed at this time。
Just a little more face,No sound。
But appreciate the good and throw“Penalize”,Can it be a name of the rivers and lake?,But there is your own intelligence system、Some people doubt that they have cooperation with the Renong Villa.。
Yu Yuhai is living today,There is no honesty,Will definitely be punished,If the left is not a list of famous days,Affiliate is also a penalty……
Even other five-school sent,Hengshan may escape the penalty,And there is no obvious sneerous Taishan and Hengshan not necessarily do not eat this penalty.——Even Tianmen Taoist、Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Do you have not done anything?,Also can always find disciples under the door,Not necessarily when it is afraid of evil,Always find the reason。
Two times without chivalrous list,Heroes island’s appreciation,Either for some excitement of martial arts,One is not implicated,Two……I want to give a penalty,Also find people,Either it is to give it a good penalty,Nothing to use。
Otherwise it’s all walking of the rivers and lakes.,Also can be found by the head——Even the Chu Deirers,If the martial arts are not、There is no such thing as the gods,Slimmed by two,I can’t say it, I will be safe.“Robbery cottage”Crime。
So this chivalrous list,The influence on appreciating good penalty is actually great,Every time this is“haven”Presence,Many martial arts without chivalry list,I can’t wait to come back to a nameless big man.,Come to the guests,Asylum。
After all, in the essence, the Heroes is to ask people on the island.,It’s not true to appreciate,Instead of studying martial arts!
It’s really true,In fact, it is a means of appreciating a good penalty.,According to their standards,Proper“Penalize”undoubtedly。
Everyone knows the routine of the Heroes Island,So basic unattended martial art,Whether it’s the evil road,I know that I will give a good penalty.,All。
Chu Deirers even suspected,So many people in the top of light this time,There should be many,I want to borrow“Margin”Opportunity、Impact chivalrous list!
“All of you,What to do so anxious?All waiting for our brothers?”
“Not meant。”
“Our brothers are just representing two island owners.,All……Several people,Sitting on the island!”
“Entertain one or two。”
“If it is usually good,It must have a big benefit,Even if it is usually difficult,As long as it is not a big and evil,Two islanders will also give you a chance。”