One drop of Xianquan directly moving into the small mouth of mouth。

“Now you swallow,Then please leave today.,Don’t go to school。”
“Forehead,Master,Today is Saturday,No need to go to school。”
Xiaoping, this reminder,Li Hui is also a bit speechless.,I didn’t know if the days didn’t know that it was a day.。
“That is best.,I will go back to tell your grandmother.,Then you go with me to my house.。”
Li Hui Feng said with Yao Cuifen with Yao Cuifen.,Then ride directly with a small peace to the yard.。
At this time, Xiaoping is already a small face.,I feel that I have a little hot。
“Big white,Help me look at her,I will come back soon.。”
If the calf is generally big, he listened to Li Hui’s command.,It is also nodding directly.,Shake the tail。
Li Hui found a wooden barrel,Then pour in warm water,Let Xiaota go in first。
With the construction of lotus villages, better and better,Liu Xu is also feeling better and better to feel the business of the town.。
I think that Li Hui is still a large hotel in the foot of the lotus village.,She is also a little looking forward to。
I have seen it in person before.,But everything is in construction.。
According to Li Hui’s speech,Hotel buildings have been taken for the 30 months.。
And in this year,She feels that Li speaks with the wind every time.,Sneak。
Just when she thinks that I have to go to Li Hui.,Li Hui Feng has appeared in his store.。
“Sweet sister,I am busy now.?”
“What is the busy early in this big morning??
Have something?”
“Hey-hey,Have something to do,But you need a sweet sister to get on the bus.,Is a very anxious thing。”
I listened to Li Hui, said it is very anxious.,Liu Xu is also tangled directly with the old man who has just received a nice.,I have sit on the motorcycle of Li Hui Feng.。
Looking at the sexy figure of Liu Xu,Tight jeans,Li Hui Rong suddenly felt that he didn’t seem to have been with each other.。
Get a bus,The faint fragrance on the willow,Let Li Hui’s feelings feel like a feeling.。
Willow sweet is also very much like Li Hui’s taste.。
Directly hugging the waist with each other。
Laugh and ask:“What anxious thing,You have to come to me in the morning.?”
“Hey-hey,Newly received a little apprentice,Need sweet sister to help look at it。”
Say,Li Hui also is also the throttle,I took it out directly.。
When I came to the yard,Small peace in the wooden barrel。
Hot red dragonfly,And the body is also constantly popping the crucible impurities。
Willow sweet looks this scene is also shocked.。
“breeze,What you said is not this little girl??”
“Um,Follow my little girl。”
I heard it is a learning skill.,Willow sweetness is not for thinking that Li speaks from the wind to save her God, the general figure。
“What do I help??”
“Sweet sister helps me call water.,I am a man after all.,Although she is a little girl,But it is also unpognizable for men and women.。”