She stands on the yacht,Seeing that the person is Lu Haozheng,A moment,She feels that her heart is flying.,She dreams of male gods,Just like the appearance of her eyes in front of her eyes.。

that time,She already likes Lu Haocheng for many years.。
I heard her has a wife.,And very powerful,The name of the design industry is getting better and better,She wanted to enter the Jiangnian branch。
At that time, she didn’t have a little fruit.,Dad has never let her go to Jiangyou,But she has never given up。
Mimic blue design,That is to cause Lu Hao Cheng’s attention。
NS,This plan is not implemented,Lu Hao has come to her.。
Such a good opportunity,For her, she is very deeply obsessed with him,How can I let this opportunity?。
She immediately decided to leave Lu Haozheng,She did gave the man’s five million sealing fees.,For that man,Five million is the money that he can’t make a lifetime.,The man promised soon,And it will be confidential。
that’s it,The male god in her dreams finally came to her.。
Every time she goes to the hospital to see him.,She feels like dreaming a dream.。
She has always hoped that Lu Haozheng missed memory.,Lu Haozheng’s head injury is heavy,The doctor also said that he is very likely to be muted.,She is happy to wait for him to wake up。
When the doctor tells her,He will wake up within two days.,She wants to go to her birthday.,She will call Lan Xin。
She knows that Blue Xin has never given up Lu Haozheng.。
There is no funeral for Lu Hao Cheng, who has not found the body.,Instead, Lu Hao is going abroad.。
She also knows this time is the arrangement of Lu Haoheng and Blue Xin.。
She is not worth it,Lu Haocheng did not have misseu,Still love her wife。
NS1165chapter:Back after a week
“Ha ha”Song Yisi is born and laughs.,She knows that she is in the world。
I haven’t tried it, how can I know if it will succeed??
She loves that man,See his first eye from the photo,After falling in love, I can’t forget it.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,If I can meet you soon??”
She is self-speaking voice is very painful.。
It’s suffering from any time.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,I like you.,Let me live in heaven,But after you lose you,Let me live in hell。
Lu Hao Cheng,You don’t say you have to pursue your responsibility,Is it welcome to me??
You simply kill me,kill me,I may not be so painful.。”
Song Yisi looked at Lu Haozheng’s portrait is not like his photo.,Stinging her eyes。
“Hoot”Song Song, unable to bear,Cover。
Song Yuanqing standing outside the door,Hear my daughter’s cry,Heart such as a knife。
He thought about his daughter never encountered the person called Lu Haozheng.。
For his daughter, it is unbearable pain.。
Too cruel。
Song Yuan Qingxin is uncomfortable,Turn away from the villa。
At the bottom of the villa,Song Yuanqing suddenly thought of the woman he had always wanted.。