“You feel,What qualifications do you have??”

Shen Xuan’s words exported,It seems like suddenly slap,Pulled over the face of Huang Chu Chu。
Even if Huang Chu,I haven’t slowed the god。
“you,Actually dare to refuse me!”
“did you know,I am Huang Chu, but the general manager of Happy Time,What is the consequence of me?,You should be very clear。”
When Huang Chu’s words say,Customers around those who are drinking coffee,I have seen it all over.。
obviously,They were also shocked.。
“Heaven,Actually the general manager of happy time,This is definitely rich.。”
“Rich woman,What should I force people?,This handsome guy is not willing,You can find me.,I experienced rich。”
“Choose me,Others one night,Seven times,But I am not the same,I am very disgusting,Definitely meet your requirements。”
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“Choose me,As long as you need,Twenty-four hours call,Support for the living room,corridor,Institution,Even different sites such as alley and other parts,as long as you like it,Change new every day。”
Ok,This session of the melon,One is talent。
Start a car,One is not here。
But Shen Xuan,There is no intention in this area.。
Shen Xuan slowly looked up and looked at Huang Chuchu,Can’t help but smile。
did not expect,The other party is actually the general manager of happy time。
Happy time market worth one billion,General Manager,What is the found?,Can imagine。
“Half hour,Become a chairman of Happy Time。”
Shen Xuan waited for a long time,Just waiting for this。
Now,I am finally here.。
You are the general manager of happy time,What can I?
Shen Xuan,But the chairman of happy time,One general manager in the district,Can still be anti-day?
“Shen Xuan,This”
Ding Mei see Shen Xuan,Her heart has suffered from suffering from。
What a good man?,And still Dingme’s senior。
Just good man,Can not resist such a request??
Ding Mei thinks here,Some secrets。
Huang Chu Chu,I took the shoulder of Shen Xuan.。
“young people,What should I do so stubborn?,As long as you agree,I promise that you will have a very good future.。”
Huang Chu’s hand has not fallen in Shenxuan’s shoulder.,But I was very straightforward by Shen Xuan.。
Shen Xuan stood up and got up,Stretch your finger to Huang Chu:“General Manager of Happy Time,Very great??”
“Happy time is because of people like you,The performance will stop。”
“Start now,I decided to rectify it.,Put your horses。”