But when Feifei attack,When attacking to 拉,The night is again in front of it.,And use energy to help it rack a energy shroud。

And flying sway attack,Also have been blocked by the shield,拉拉 拉 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无。
Diga just wanted to get around the night,Dragonfly moved to the center of Yulha,But it was preparatively of the night and a boxing face,Once again, it was played back to a small hill behind.。
Diga just wants to climb again,It is suppressed by the night of the night.,Can only be thrown on the ground,But I can’t take off the bondage of the night.。
拉 拉,It seems to express your thank you。
And the night is also nodded.,Let it do what you should do。
“I really don’t understand.,Why did Saay Ottman don’t stay in the help of the monster。
Do he want to see this country,Is it leaked??”
Rising well, watching not only helping the attack,Stuffed Dija Atoman,Unexpectedly。
“Saay Altman must know,Some we don’t know hidden love,If he is our enemy,Will not help us again.。”
Lina has never thought that Saay Altman is bad.,One of them is wrong。
“No matter what,Grounda gas does not change。
Lina,You are driving Flying Yanshan to stop the blame,Can’t let it continue to close to Virka Gas。
I will help Diga with rising well.,Get Raise Outtman’s control。”
The papers also know that the heart is soft.,Attack your own savior,Some strong people are difficult,So this allocation of the task。
And the night is finally experienced,Being flying swallow,What is a taste?。
how to say,Deadly injury,Just give it to the bee.。
Although it is not injured,But that pain,Also let the night’s hand can’t make it loose。
And Dija also took this opportunity,Get rid of the pressure of the night,And quickly changed its own form。
Diga at this time,Both whole body purple“Speed form”,Attempt to get rid of the night,Block 拉 拉 继 继 近 中心。
After getting rid of the night,Diga hands put out“”Shape,Positioning towards 拉 所,Launch your own light skills。
What to play here,Dijia is a fool and know,The reason why the night must keep this monster,It must be because I know this monster is not evil。
So Diga’s light,Did not say hello,Instead, I will attack the road of 拉.,Attempt to take this。
But 拉 seems to be the Gudda gas that recognizes the center of Yuta,Even if Diga released the light in front of it,It also does not care,Go forward in that direction。
And the night’s night is seen this scene,Hand crosshead,The body is like a light-like disappearance.。
When he appeared again,The body has come to Diga’s light.,And holding the big sword,Block Diga’s light directly。
Night just use skills,Yes“Teleport”,Is only a small number of Altman’s higher skills。
Some Altman use this skill,Need to consume your own life,Night use,Just consume some of the energy。
“no,As long as Saay Altman is still there,Dija founded that the monster was close to the 尔达 center。”
See Saay Ottman hard Diga’s light,But after no injury,Other victory players also feel that Diga seems to do not win.?
In order not to let Dijia again,Night is also directly。
Well-known,Many weaknesses in Altman,Punch is also the most obvious point of the cold.。
Many Ottman’s death experience,They are all being used by the monster.,Then kill。
Lei O、Jack、Es is going to experience this,Change the angle,This Ottman who turns into the night,It can be said that it is Outmank Star。
A large number of low temperature gases spurt from the night,Diga is even still reacted,Just frozen into ice sculptures in the same place.。
certainly,The night is just right to grasp the air.,Just enabled Diga’s actions,But it does not affect his life.。
No Dija’s blocking,拉 has finally come to the center of the Gulda center。