and,If you just have the goal of the other party,Not a weapon in their hands,But the words of their body

Some hundred pirates are very fearful to touch their neck,Can’t help but swallow。
Night does not kill these pirates,Not because he is kind,But because he does not have a little navigation knowledge.,Even if you grab a boat,It is also available for him.。
Leave the dog’s life,Just simply because he needs to use。
But someone is not thinking about it.,For example, the head of the Dog One Piece。
“It seems that you are also the power of the devil fruit.?
Although I don’t know what your ability is,But it seems that you can only have effects on weapons.,Otherwise my hand,Why is it safe??”
Night is a little doubtful looking at the head of the evil dog,Obviously I don’t know each other,This is this conclusion。
“You don’t have to continue with me.?Didn’t see his ability,Can’t do your body,Do you affect??”
The evil dog is roaring in the man.,In his opinion,These hands are really lost.,It’s actually a person who was hurt.。
But how to roar again with the evil dog,His hand,I don’t dare to take my night.,Obviously, they have just let them scare the gallbladder.。
“A group of guys who are useless,This is also equipped with the crew of Yuri, my evil dog.?
After I kill this kid,I will go to you soon.。”
Dogs are in the wrong way,Claw licked the hand,Prepare to work with the night。
“Boy,You should be honored,Can die in the unfriend of Dog Yuri。”
Dogue said,The claw set of the claw set of the hand,Walking towards the night。
For this little role,Night is too lazy to cut the knife,All-extended claws,Easy to catch the night,If you use your hand,Dog Yuri’s body is like throwing garbage,It was thrown out by it.。
Its strong force,Directly let the latter have broken several pairs of boats.,Then fall on the deck。
“Two thousand eight million colony?Do not understand the color of the strength gap。”
If it is normal,Even if you don’t understand the gap,This should also understand this.。
But this doppy,Obviously it is a head of a pit.,After being thrown by the night,Actually still not willing to stop。
Dog Yuri started the limbs,Start with a flourishing hair,Face also begins to gradually enter the shape of the animal。
till the end,There is a huge bodynoid in front of the night.?
“coming,Is the demon fruitability of Yuri’s captain,Ability of animal dog dog fruit,The last time Yuri’s captain is using this ability,Beat the Navy。”
“Yes,Yuri’s captain is also because of this ability,Will be called the evil dog。”
I heard the discussion of the peripheral evil dog,Night is also stunned。
You are taking this place“Dumpk”?Night looked at the stupid two.?It is really difficult to follow“Dumpk”Link。
But people actually call the dog,So night, when he is a malgo dog.
Chapter 283 Night:rest assured,I am a good person!
Eucalyptus,Height of the limbs,It has been enough to have two meters high,Just in the style of human form,The body is really a lot。
“Ghost,I will bite you soaken immediately.!”
Behili,The mouth rushed toward the night.,Speed ratio just,It’s really a lot。
The devil fruit of the animal,Although it is not much rare,But in enhancing practical physical fitness,It is indeed the strongest。