Palace Qingwen does not continue to persist,Just after the palace,Go forwardIGYThe lounge walks。

Just arrived at the door,Palace Qing Wen wants to think,Going to the toilet in the venue。
There are three urgents。
Drafted sprinkle,Palace Qingwen washed his hand and just prepared to go out to the toilet,Walking up a thin thin person。
Two people,Palace Qingwen first is wearing himGEThe team’s team is attracted to the eyeball,It’s just to look at his face.。
This look,The palace is somewhat stunned.。
Is this not a space??
ottoIt’s also very surprised,The mouth looks at the palace clearly.,The thin cheeks are equipped with this expression with a variety of funny。
A small meeting,Palace Qing Wen first went to God,Extended his hand and greeted him。
“hi,Hello,I’mIGYofADCPalace clear,You call my palace.。”
The old man is more than him.6age,Polite is also right。
“what……Oh,Oh,Hello,I’m……YesGEChina Single Guoyu,You call me Xiao Hou……no,You call me Hou Ge.。”
Look out,ottoObviously not good at dealing with this situation,Facing the greece of the palace,Some somewhere in response。
But for the hand of the palace,His responded is still very fast,When the first word said,He has already returned to the hand of the palace.。
perhaps……This is the reaction of the professional player.。
Guess,Palace Qing Wen revealed a standard etiquette smile,Then nodded out of the toilet。
ottoStanding in the original place for a while,I stared at my hand and saw a few eyes.。
then……There was a monkey monkey in the toilet.:“Does he?,What is the length of this person? Mom is more handsome than photos and videos.。”
Overnight,ottoGoing to the mirror of the toilet,For your face, I have been detailed.。
“damn it,Really suffer……”
Chapter 38 Reverse feather
IGYcurrentBP,It has begun to gradually transfer the center of gravity.。
Palace Qingwen has already showed his own front,It also shows the capital that you are worthy of the team.。
Obviously,For the opponent of this opening,GEThe team is also prepared。
Front three-handbanpeople,GEDirect teambanFall off the night hunter、Void、Twilight goddess。
These three handsbanPeople’s intention is extremely obvious,Be rushedIGYCurrent core。
IGYFormer three hands,Obviously Wang Hai is also ready,Direct selectionGEMidwayotto。
banFalling the two lines of the knife sister plus sword demon,It’s a swing deceptive hero,The thirdbanBit is gave Sindra。
Under the two explanations of the situation,GEThe first hand of the team directly locked Akari。
AfterwardIGY,Directly locked the combination of anti-feathers and magic swings directly on the 12th floor。
Senior selection people also determine,But it seems to be compared,No surprisingBPchoose。
And finally,The lineup on both sides is finally determined.。
Red squareIGYline-up:Monozerne、Wilden emperor、China single Rio、ADCCloud、Auxiliary Luo。
Blue squareGEline-up:Shangdad、Makun、China Singa Akari、ADCLu Zi’an、Auxiliary cattle。
Along with the sound of the cheering in the venue,Zhang Hi also shouted a few times with his own daughter.。
After the call,Silk micro-red face appears on a temperament。
But looking at the face of my own son on the big screen,The mouth has revealed a smile of satisfaction.。