“Boy,Thank you,this is1品 神 神。”Liu Tianqi gods the gods,But I don’t want Lin Feng directly to him a quota.,I also took out a space bracelet to throw Lin Feng.。

“Two seniors do not have to be polite。”Lin Feng smiled and holding a space bracelet,And behind Wonda Tiandao:“Pedasor,Give me a quota directly.,God will check out。”
“it is good!”
Working day, he hesites himself to Liu Tianqi and Dahongquan:“Brother,Liu Xiong,Congratulations on both。”
“Ha ha,Lincheng is the face。”Liu Tianqi and the big red robes have passed the laughter。
“it is good,I don’t need to give three people.,Lin Chengwin,Don’t leave Taiyuan,Time emergency,We will escort you to the main tower of Xuanhuang Tower of Beijing,Brother,Liu Xiong, you recommend people, let them come directly to Taiyuan Pavilion,hurry up,Take over。”Working day means deep and long。
“it is good!”The big red robes and Liu Tian’s two people heard the words.。
“Beat!”Working day,His figure between talking is to the depths of Taiyuan Pavilion disappeared.。
Everyone has left,Only the fire king and the black water royal face have gloomy to Lin Feng。
“Maple brother!”
Tang Yingjun,Li Yun and others have walked to Lin Feng’s,Protect Lin Feng。
“You let you open。”Lin Feng Road,His figure came out of the guard circle of everyone,神 神 向 黑 黑 王 王。
“Lin Chengwin,Be careful, you can’t fall.。”The cold staring at Lin Fengway。
“Oh,Thank you prince reminded。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I won’t fall.,correct,Prince,How many brothers are ok??Yuan God how?”
This time is more gloomy in the face of the fire.,He has a terrible breath,This breath is powerful,Never be under Yishan Wang and Dawang,This breath is far from Lin Feng.。
“bank up a fire,Taiyuan Pavilion is not allowed to be private,You are not afraid to lose our royal family.。”Just at this time, the figure of the Dawu came over.,His breath is like a water。
Directly dispel the fever of the fire。
“Humph,My things are not going to take you.。”Feng Wang is cold:“Boy,Do you have a kind of Taiyuan Court,Life, he is in the shelter of Taiyuan Court。”
He wants to find a chance to engage in Lin Feng,But I can’t think of the Denting day of Taiyuan Pavilion directly to let Lin Feng go to the main tower of Beijing Xuanhuang Tower.,All the way is also asylum。
“Oh,Fence,Do you think I rely on the shelter of Taiyuan Court??”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the fire.。
“Is not it?”Feng Wang’s eyes:“Are you afraid of me??”
“bank up a fire,This is the main arrangement of the owner。”Dawei Wang said cold。
“Ha ha,I know,But I will go out for a while,Nor delay time,You are right?”Blocking Wang haha laughed,Big finger in Lin Feng’s noseway:“dare?”
NS1277chapter Restrain
“What is not dare??Fence?What are you??”Lin Fengnan smiled and reached out and finger the fire king:“Dare to speak with me like this?”
“Ha ha,Arrogant,Walk?”Feng Wang Wen Yan laughs and laughs:“Going out together?Boy,Go out of this entrance,I am slap you.。”
The words of the fire king are extremely arrogant,Looking at Lin Feng,It’s like watching a quarry.,Then he walked to the door of Taiyuan Court.。
“Oh,I see how you shoot me.!”Lin Feng faint,His figure is also gone。
Many people see this scene.。
“bank up a fire,Don’t be too much!”Just at this time, I stopped the figure of the fire.,The owner of this shadow is Yishan King。
“Yishan,This is what they are between them.,You don’t want to intervene。”Black Water Wang smiled and walked。
“how?Yishan,You want to block me?”It is not good to stare at Yishan Wang Dao in the face of the fire.。
“What can I stop you??I just didn’t think about you for a long time.,Just get out of the door,Our brothers do one。”Yishan Wang smiles and shakes the head。
“Black water,We haven’t been intimate for a long time.,I also do it today.。”The figure of Dawang also walked up:“Can’t help but,If it is not in Taiyuan Pavilion,I will start now.。”
The attitude of Dawang and Yishan King make everyone shocked,No one thinks that the attitude of the two is so tough。
For Lin Feng actually directly and black water king,Fengwang。
The face of the black water king and the fire king is also changed.,What they can’t think of is that there is no hill king and the king of Dawang because Lin Feng is a humble existence.。
“Yishan,Great,You really want to find things?”Feng Wang big sleeve,The body is full of breath,光 微 寒 易 易 王 王 王 王 道。
“Not looking for things,But I really can’t think about it.,It should be considered some old accounts.。”The voice of the King of the King also has a little cold。