And after entering the middle and late,EDGThe situation is more uncomfortable.,They played at all, they played.KT。

Especially after you have a cautious,facesbSingle zone of Ji Ji,rayCautious complete no incense。
finally,existKTNo solution,EDGexist32The minute was pushed.。
The score is also changed.1:0。
The second game is dozens of minutes later,Start again。
And this game,ObviousEDGStill do not find a way to adjust the status。
Although the lineup is not the same,But this game,It’s almost the release of the last game.。
End time at the end of the game,Both and lasting,31minute。
The Korean audience on the scene has begun to cheer.,existAFSandGENGAfter the game,KTIt’s themLCKLast hope。
And now it seems,Their premium is not compressed。
After the end of the second game,When the player walked down the stage,Palace clearly clearly saw the expression of each of them from the big screen。
That is a little confused,Some expressions。
Under the cheers of the audience,This kind of expression is especially distressed。
Mikoxion will also see this picture.,Shake the shaking head,He has some regrets:“Pity,EDGThis state,It is estimated that it is difficult to pull back the situation.。”
Palace Qing Wen Wen Wen,Also nodded。
EDGTeam members,It seems that it is a bit explosive.。
Original strength is not very right,The mentality also has a problem,SoEDGWhat kind of ending is next?,It is also conceivable.。
finally,No accident。
Third game,exist27Minute end,KTIs the victory of this game。
Very hard-saving results,I can tell,Every Korean audience present is very satisfied with this.,Mountain tsunami is average cheers resounded throughout the gymnasium。
Corresponding,YesEDGEveryone can even use the bleak to describe the back。
I am sighed in my breath.,Palace Qingwen stands up,Then I have already slept for a long time.。
“Well……son,Is the game end??”
Just wake up,The face also hangs hang up。Mikchionxiong,Simply put her back。
“Well……Son bye,Mom first goes back,You go to your teammates.。”
Finish,Zhang Fibo waved toward the palace clear text,Then put your head on the shoulders of Mikoxiong,Obviously I want to sleep again.。
Mik Chu Xiong,Slow down your walk,Try to make your footsteps gentle。
at the same time,He carefully protects the four weeks of the micro,The population that is not allowed to take back the possibility of taking。
After a long time to send your parents,The palace clear is low and sigh.。
EDGStill lose??And still3:0。
Think,Palace Qing Wen also remembered a post in the first two days.。