The death of the Army made the remaining Yuan Yingfeng strong in the scene.。

Some even directly。
Lin lived in a glance:
“Hurt my woman,Naturally, you can’t leave you.。”
Lin Wong just wants to work,Chen Yuqing and Zhu Yolian:
“Fu Jun please slow hands。”
Lin Wong doesn’t know what they have,I will accept it.:
“How is your injury??”
Zhu Yolian and Chen Yuqing heard the forests concerned.,Sterlen with a sweet smile。
Chen Yuqing said:
“Leave a bloody blood of these people,Maybe there will be use in the future。”
Zhu Yolian also said:
“Chen sister said yes.。”
Zhong Xiu,Hurry and take out your own Yuan Ying Jing。
Compared to being killed,I still be shredded like the Army.,It is not necessary to be subject to people。
not to mention,The powerful vision of the forest,In the future breaks through the robbery,Not impossible。
Lin Ren is not too interested in this,In his opinion,These people are weak to so much,I control themselves, but it is a waste of time.!
But not completely useless,At the very least, you can help yourself get your merits.。
The growth of the existing site is getting slower.。
Sometimes, even growing up。
“In this way,I will leave your life.。”
Zhong Xiu heard the forest sound,Tone,And pay the mercy and blood。
Lin responded,It means that their life is completely saved.。
Just get their essence,Means life and death are in their own mastery。
So now Lin Yong’s trust in Chen Yuxiang and Zhu Yolian is better to trust in these people.。
Lin loudly:
“You cooperate to face the law in this mountain。”
Everyone doesn’t quite understand。
But when Lin responded,Immediately。
It turned out Lin lived。
There is a monk of Yuan Yingfeng:
“Returning owner。I accidentally got a set of law.,It is necessary to take ten Yuan Yingfeng strong to run,Even if you come, it’s helpless.。”