“shut up!If you are a monk,Not my daughter!”Gong Sun is angry。
However, Gong Sun seems to know that he also knows.,Own prestige,It’s better to miss thousands of feet for more than ten years.,At this time, I didn’t even show my disciples.,Instead, I want to kill people.。
But the golden wheel and the god of the dragon are not stupid.,Nature can be seen,千 尺 绝 绝 谷,Talk is also very positional。
It’s just that the dragon saints have not available.,I am not too late to draw thousands of feet.,And also rolled this old woman just fell his face。
“That Gongsun Valley is to remember,Don’t tell people again this time。”Shenlong Sheng female said after a sentence,I saw the Shenlong’s disciple immediately.,Hand a day magic。
Shenlong San Daughter、sit on the floor,White long sleeve long skirt,Just put into a circle,At the same time, Guqin is put on the lap——Last time I was shocked by Chu Deirers,I have reconnected。
Yin Kexi is still smiling at this time.,A pair of gas and life:“There is a sentence in the middle and earth,One day husband and wife,Why do you have a knife??Shenlong teaches friends,Also known‘Ning disaster ten temples,Do not break a marriage’Be。”
“Where,Mr. Yun and Yin Kexi,If you don’t queen the piano,Isn’t it a lord??”Shenlong Holy Woman seems to be polite,The facts have been secretly。
The King of Jinshu is still not open.——After all, it is necessary to press the sudden appearance of the old woman.,Take the initiative to attack Gongsun Valley is not realistic,It’s just that he will not call the dragon.!
As for a disciple of the absolute Valley,At this time, the same side ends,千 尺 想 他们 背 背 背 背 公 也 也 也 也……
Chapter 916 Unveiled
铿——铿——铮 铿铿——
Shenlong saints in the cliff,Start playing a day magic,“Tianlong Eight Sound”Tonize!
Not only is the sound and troublesome,And there is also physical harm“Auditory”——Away, if the sword of the sword,Also accompanied by her fingers flying out。
Sound,Most suitable for martial arts!
I only see the absorbent valley,At this time, special fishing nets,Blocking these sinous edges is nothing,But the magic sound is burved,Some of the east of the West。
Fan Yishen joined the iron stick,I want to rush directly with my brothers.,Later, a disciple, use the fishing net,Nature can stop the dragon saint play……
But then Gong Sun is still coming.,One eye is bloody,Another eye is glaring at Fan Yong and others:“Do you want to deceive the ancestors??”
Suddenly Fan Yong and others are not,On the side of Master、While being a more people……Not choose!
But Master is Master.,No matter from your personal emotions,Still the reputation of the rivers and lakes,They don’t dare to have rude to Master。
Yin Kexi said something to the gold round,However, the gold wheel is just shaking his head.。
He can understand,Now they are moving with Gong Sun、Still a thousand feet,The venue of the cereals will be on these“outsider”,Don’t want to eat。
It is better to wait for the other party to lose.……
But just at this time,Gong Sun suddenly violent,Taking advantage of Shenlong’s disciples,Grasping Guonfu,After retreating a few steps to the cliff。
“Jin Wai national teacher is nothing more than thinking about me,Assist in Yunyuan to achieve great cause,Their Guo Ju Xia,Just when doing this Valley’s sketching!”Gong Sun said,Hold the neck of Guo Fu,Hang it outside the cliff。
Shenlong Holy Want——It’s still a slag male!This will remember the feet on two boats.?
“what!Big sister!Big monk,You quickly stop him,I worship you as a teacher.!”Guo Wei is busy to seek the golden wheel。
Be right,The reason why Guo Wei said so,It is because of the golden wheel of the king.。
Although Guo Wei has not agreed,But at this time, I see the big sister has a danger of life.,Naturally, you can’t take care of others.。
“Miss Gongguo is the mainland of Gunduo。”The King of Jinshu is open at this time.。
However, the Gong Sun has never helped up.——His acupoints have been made,Can barely pick up Guo Fu is already good。