Teenager surprised,Look at the feet again,The dark brown has changed a little,Dimmed,Faintly yellowish,This is the soil?Mixed with chaotic matter and stained with my own blood?

Shocked,The boy doesn’t doubt the other person’s words,But I can’t figure out why I can’t go back to my hometown,Will cause serious consequences,What is the logic?
“Go away,Every time you fall into Bibotan,The chaotic rough stone will reincarnate once,Will have a major impact on the chaotic creations of later generations。”
The teenager was shocked again,But I doubt the other party is alarmist,Even threatening,Once you fall in, you have to reincarnate once,Is Bibotan the Temple of the King??You are so awesome,Can’t stop me from falling in?
Next,No matter what the boy shouts,Can’t get any response again,I had to dig out the soil with my hands,Divine power cannot be used in the mysterious place,There is nothing to hold on either side,So simply restore the rope tied to the body into a cloth splicing。
There is not a single scum left by the boy,Then he was thrown directly into Bibotan by a strong force,When he returns to the outside of the mysterious land again,The bubble is still there,The teenager took a closer look,Qiu Kejian has no trace of being here。
strange,According to the rough estimate of the teenager,He has stayed in the mysterious place for at least more than a month,The time agreed with Qiu Kejian long ago,Why haven’t seen anyone here yet,Or what accidents and changes happened?
The strangest thing is the bubbles in front of me,According to Qiu Kejian,This thing can’t support for too long in the void,Up to ten days,But isn’t it good now??What went wrong?
all of these,Young people can’t figure it out,So I decided to stay in the bubble for half a day,Treat injuries,Xi Yang is put into the gods,While waiting for Qiu Kejian。
If Qiu Kejian doesn’t come to meet again,The boy only goes back by himself,There is not much to worry about,As long as the bubbles are intact,Should be able to remember the way back。
Half a day later,Juvenile basic rehabilitation,Re-enter the world of God,Summon guardians in the Temple of Five Elements,Shout five or six,This servant came out cautiously,Obviously the hatred of the teenager has become a fear that even oneself can’t explain clearly。
“Come today,I just want to ask you to accept it or not?”
“clothes,But not convinced!”
“Talk about the reason。”
“Convinced,Because of your nine deaths,Finally achieved congenital soil,This matter is so good。Dissatisfied,Because you took advantage of the danger last time,Take advantage of the weakness of a certain family to win,Not capable。”
“You have to fight again?”