The same palm up。

Two palms,A loud noise,The ancestor Baihu flew upside down for more than ten meters,The three trees that broke the body in a row fell。
How could this be! The ancestor of Baihu couldn’t believe it,But the pain from the body is so real。
At this time, Chen Xiu’s own physical strength has far surpassed the ancestor of the white tiger,Just get the blessing of Zhenqi,Naturally, the white tiger ancestor can resist。
If it weren’t for Chen Xiu’s combat skills,,This palm is made with the most ordinary punch,But it only showed half of its original power。
Otherwise, the entire arm of the ancestor Baihu will be broken。
Chen Xiu watched the Paihu ancestor who suppressed his breathlessness in the past was shocked by his palm,I’m naturally proud,But thinking of the terrible Wu Tingfang,Sneered:“White tiger,Wash your neck and wait。
I’ll come to get your head in a few days!”
Chen Xiu stepped forward,Just to start light work,The ancestor of Qinglong moved the iron rod from behind,The black iron rod turned into a misty shadow in an instant。
The combat skills cultivated by the Qinglong ancestors are obviously different from those of the Baihu ancestors,The ancestor of the white tiger pursued the speed and the weird tricks。
And what Qinglong ancestor chases is power。
This iron rod weighing hundreds of catties,In his hands,From standstill to acceleration is almost instantaneous,This acceleration plus the strength of the iron rod and arm,Is no less than ten thousand catties。
The club in the hands of the ancestor Qinglong is very powerful,Just a tank,He can also smash with a stick。