“Remember,Just find a wall corner standing,You have two no wets,Just sitting in trouble, I want to swear……”

Silk ugly is explaining,Suddenly smell the smell of the two people,Rapida complained:“Good,How many days have you had a bath??”
Taste,Silk ugly,The disliked appearance is very embarrassing。
How can a little girl get together?,Improve:“Unreasonable,This is a genuine woman taste。”
Silk is janitary,Horses:“Is a woman taste so stunned?,I see is salty fish.!”
In Chu Chu:“……”
“Don’t talk about the little girl,I see you gently,Heshheng has never seen a woman。So your heart tells you,Woman flavor,Only don’t have this kind of。”
In Chu Chu:“……”
Very angry。
Say,Although the Chu Chu is playing,But that is because of the family,In fact, the five senses is not bad.,A little packing,It is also a beautiful beauty.。
Older gingers are more spicy,What’s more, the ugly is ugly in the long tyrants for many years.,It is worthwhile to be derived by Chu Chu.,Eye Baba looks to his father Yu Yue。
Two big days in Yue,Hard scalp is explained for daughter:“Ugly,My father is medicinal medication,So, the taste of a variety of medicinal materials is contaminated.,Not don’t care。”
“Know it,You are not easy,Go in,Don’t bother me.。”
Silk is ugly,Remind:“Remember to stay away from guests,People are going to eat,Not to sugar fish。”
Father and female:“……”
Two parents and women,Silk ugly sighs,Material is not bad,Yu Yue’s row,May not be able to meet。
The world is big,In order to support a group of murderer,Not less than a protection fee。
It is not good to have something wrong with the harvest.,Can be in Yue today,Every day Zhang Mountain,The world will not open?
Think about it,The folks of the two lakes can starve,But the protection of the world will not be less.。
What is the ugly cure?,Can only talk about the mind,Let the father and female enter the close,By the way, eat a full meal,Solve the white run, no more。
“The dead mud buddha,What is this ghost water layout??”
“The world will also,The true fool, so many stone steps,Is the hand-held elevator?,I want to climb the steps first.,His shelf is really big。”
“Wait a minute……Unspeakable,This is the reason for the swordsman and the death of the world.?”
“Snuff,I am small to watch!”
Think,Text ugly, hear a rare quirky complaint,Whoever is bolding in the dark,Dare to arranging the dominance is not。
Turn around,A black robes in the line of sight,Square a white mask,The whole face is so strict,Even the air hole is not。
Generally,The geeks have a monster capital,Silk ugly does not dare to make sin,Test:“Who is,Which one is from which part,How dare to speak in front of the Sword?”
“Emperor,Rivers and lake warlock,Lingyun Vadency。”
Liao Wenjie shrugged:“No nonsense,Just the low emotional business,Do not speak,Because this mouth is sinful。”
Very self-knowledge,But knowing that it is easy to sin,Don’t talk.!
“Fortunately, no problem,I am in the world.,Even the heroes are not as good as,Defend people have a sinner,How can they take me?,Still not smiling, I will let me go.。”Liao Wenjie single-handed sheet,Be very proud。
The daily life of the strong is the dish.+Force,Roughness,Unbelievable,No need to cover up, no need to be embarrassed。