After all, it is not good here.,It is very likely to be because of the reasons for the darkness of these ancient tombs.。

soon,Shen Tian Si also linked to the above,It is also very important to hear this news above.。
At the same time, I made a work on Shen Tian.。
After all, some remote places have found these ancient tombs.,Basically, it will be divided by the inside.。
And Shen Tianzi is not so,But with this point worth award。
Jiang Taichen is also a glimpse when he heard an old tomb group.,Especially about Feng Shui,He is even more interest。
He before, let his granddaughter look for a place.,Suspected that there is a treasure such as Lingshi。
Now discovering ancient tombs in the same place,Let him decide to take the team to see。
His present position,According to the truth, you don’t have to go out.,But after the description of Jiang Shuyan,He also wants to see Li Huifeng this young man.,I want to know what the teacher is inherited.。
After all, the other party has not been adjusted.,But with this,He feels necessary to contact。
Chapter 844 Qin Su Ya’s news
When it is a special plane to take a special plane in the night,。
I heard Jiang Taiyi personally,The mayor of Guangming is even picking up the plane。
However, it is sent to the hair by Jiang Tai.。
He now doesn’t need things on those scenes.,And his actions are also repeatedly confidential,But I didn’t expect it to be passed out.。
Li Hui is also directly behind the night.,I am afraid that the night is overflowing the black gas and hurts the villagers.。
Even Song Ting, who came down in the county, was directly persuaded.,After all, this is a dangerous job.。
Song Ting is also known to the relationship between Song Ting.,This kind of thing does he feel still do not let the other party mix it up.。
But Song Ting is insisted on the front line.。
finally,Li Hui Feng directly let her take a place where people are 20 meters away from the hole.。
Zhao Tiezhu did not expect that Li Hui Feng so quickly found someone to break the feng,I didn’t think that I have to actually have a police.,Now I think he felt that he said with Li Hui Feng.,Otherwise, you will be stall without Liu Mei.。
Maybe it is really necessary to be killed by Feng Shui.。
The next morning,Zhao Tiezhu sold more than 1,000 pieces,At the same time, I went home to bring Liu Mei to the market.。
When ginger is too big, it is already nine o’clock.。
Jiang Taiyi’s arrival is to brought by Shen Tiansi.。
Li Hui Feng saw Jiang Taiyi first eyes, I feel the taste of some of the other fairy winds.。
It’s just that Zhongshan installed is a feeling of the kind of the sharp man.。
If you are a fairy, it is no desire.,So the sharpness of the sharpness is unfavorable。
“Lee brother,I will introduce you to it.,This is Jiang Taiyi,Archaeological professor,Too”The following words haven’t finished,Jiang Taissed and smiled.。
“Hahaha Xiaoshen,No need to introduce,Xiao Li and my granddaughter are known.,I naturally know Xiao Li,Just didn’t think that Xiao Li was more stable than I saw in the photo.,All the sharpness is so good,I also saw young people like you first.。”
Li Hui Feng saw Shen Tian Si’s respect for Jiang Tai.,Also understand that this person should be very powerful before his eyes.。
Think of friends with ginger,It’s still just Jiang Shuyan, which is still in the north.。
“You are the grandfather of Jiang Shuyan?”
“Hahaha, I know your kid know,If you don’t disappear, I call me a grandfather.,I heard that this ancient tomb is you discovered.?”
Listen to ginger too, this,The people around them are envious,Including Shen Tianzi is an envelope in his eyes.,After all, Jiang Taiyi,If he can climb the relationship,So many things even only need to nodded.。
Li Huihe heard this,Returning:“Grandfather,Then I can climb it.。”
“Haha is good,Unhappy,Your kid is hidden too deeply,But see your face,You seem to be sleepy for this life.,Red line,Seeing that your boy is also a kind,And one of the red lines actually?”
Say,Jiang Taichang suddenly looked up.。
“Xiao Li,This ancient tomb is put first,You come with me.。”