hehe,Just because I have no parents with your brother.,They can bully me。

hehe,Just because we are rural,They will look down on us,Let us dry the most dirty and most tired work。
hehe,Just because of our rural areas,We have to be treated as their play,It’s so good in the city.。
If you really have a life,I also want to be a city.,I don’t think so.,Can also laugh,Laughing so pure,Don’t want this to think about it。
If I am in the city, how is it?,Now your younger brother should go to college.?
I may not encounter the rogue of Chu Qiang.。
Chapter 332
angry,The kind of depression of the anger let Li speak the wind feeling that he must explode all the people.。
He never thought that the city is really discriminated against rural people.。
Always,Li Hui felt all the same,It’s nothing more than life, a little difference.。
But I never thought that there was such a dark side in society.。
He now some regrets letting Di Luce this thing。
“Brothers,Discuss with you。”
whats the matter?”
Zheng Tiancheng is a bit wondering, Li Hui,After all, in his eyes,Li Anti-style should have anything else to discuss him,Because he can do,Li Hui has to do it.。
“Hey-hey,You help me drag Ding Dado for a while,I am a little bit, I want to talk to Hu Xiaotian alone.。”
“Hi,I still thought that I am not big.,no problem,There is no problem.。”
“Row,Then please let you,This thing is over.,I am sure that your friend’s illness。”
Li Hui said that this is particularly serious.,Because he can see that Zhao’s helplet is really ill.。
“Hey-hey,Row,I can remember this.。”
“rest assured,I went to Ding Big Brother.。”
soon,Li Hui Feng has found the Ding Road that has been commanded outside.。
“Ding Da Ge,Can you trouble you??”
“Hahaha, what do you say,As long as you don’t work with my work,Don’t say one,That is no problem.。”
Li Hui listened to some speechless,But he is still very serious:“Ding Da Ge,I am going to take the youth in the ward.,I want to treat him,More eye in the hospital,I can’t put it on your hands.。”
“Forehead,Lee brother,This is a bit difficult.,But if I have opened this mouth.,You have to keep it with me,Be sure to let the other party safety,Otherwise, the second half of the old brother will be destroyed in your hand.。”
“Hey-hey,rest assured,I will definitely bring people back to it.。”
Ding Road is also a bit unreliable,If it is not Li Hui to cure his disease,He must not be so relieved.。
Li Hui’s documents holding Ding Road,I played a taxi to drive toward the hospital.。
This time Li Hui has a Ding Road.,It can be said that all the way is unobstructed.。
“Iron,You know?”
Seeing the iron in the ward is somewhat stupid sitting there,Li Hui Feng Directly inquiry。
It seems that Li Hui Feng directly called the reason for his name.,Tie’s eyes are obviously not so stupid at that moment.,But there is no different from normal people.。
This scene is naturally being taken by Li Hui Feng.。
“I do not know you。”
I heard the iron cockroach,Li Hui’s heart is a breather。