With the beautiful female receptionist in front of me,Don’t forget to say to this side。

Jiang Ya thought of what Wang Teng said before,Speak directly:“I am Jiang Ya,Before,My boyfriend Wang Teng made a reservation,do not know……”
But Jiang Ya is facing this side,About to say something。
But what Jiang Ya didn’t expect was,Those people in front of me,But very enthusiastic。
“It turned out to be Miss Jiang,I’m so honored to be able to serve you。”
“Yes,Miss Jiang, please。”
With these people,Serve like an ancestor。
Actually, for Jiang Ya,I feel flattered。
Even if Jiang Ya doesn’t understand,She also knows,These must be inseparable from Wang Teng。
But now,Actually Jiang Ya didn’t think anything,Went straight in。
And behind Jiang Ya,Others see here,very shocked。
“Unexpected,The relationship between our president is so hard,I can book a location so quickly here。”
“Undeniable,Really amazing,Even if you are not convinced。”