Just here,Cao Di just looked in front of him a little bit,The more so,In fact, deep in Cao Di’s heart,Even more eager to try。

Such a thing,How to solve it。
Don’t think about other things for now,But these things,In fact, it looks like Cao Di,It’s very obvious。
“well,Actually such a problem,What to do,It’s really good。”
“But i think,Such a thing,Actually speaking,Not the most important。”
slowly,When Cao Di saw these,Actually such a thing,Cao Di himself,I know what to do。
When Cao Di looked at him subconsciously,The more so,Actually Cao Di is whole,I think it’s very good。
And Cao Di said:“Find me immediately,Find the whereabouts of Wang Teng,I will never let him go!”
When Cao Di said these words,In the hearts of those around you,Even more eager to try。
Such a thing,To be precise,Really an opportunity。
“Boss, don’t worry,We all know。”
“That’s right,Anyway, now,How to deal with this,Everyone still understands。”
“Since this is the case,What else can we say,Just prepare well。”
This moment,With everyone in front of you,I didn’t forget to say here。
The more so,For such things。
To be precise,It completely makes other people’s hearts out of reach。
But think about it,These things,In fact, it is quite important。
“All right,Such a thing,Actually,There is nothing to entangle。”
“But I won’t talk about other issues for now,Next,How to solve it,Just these things,In fact, it is very clear。”