Dragon Ball laughed loudly:“Mr. Guan can really joke,Between me and President Xia,What can you disturb us?I’m talking to him about work”Dragon Ball said,Deliberately took a look at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian made another cup of tea for Guan Tingna and brought it over。Guan Tingna was moved and said thank you,But always,Others make tea for him,But tonight,He had to make tea for these two women,Who made people drunk??
Xia Jian sat on the other end of the sofa,He glanced at these two women and said:“It’s late,Go back to sleep after drinking tea!Don’t affect tomorrow’s work”
“Damn!What’s the hurry!I live on the same floor as you,Two steps passed”Guan Tingna glanced at Xia Jian impatiently。A little bit of anger in her heart,Xia Jian understands,But it’s not his fault。
Xia Jian asked in a daze:“Do you all live here tonight?”
“This hotel is our agreement hotel。People from our entrepreneurial group live on this floor,Your room is a deluxe room,Maybe Mr. Guo kept it to you”Dragon Ball said with a smile。
Xia Jian suddenly realized,No wonder these two women ran to him one after another,It turns out that everyone lives on the same floor,So it seems,He really can’t drive them away。
“President Xia!Your relationship with Wang Yihua doesn’t seem to be shallow,If she really came to me for a house,What do you say i should do?“Guan Tingna’s eyes rolled,Suddenly asked Xia Jian a question。
She is really not easy,A sentence that sounds okay,But a pun,Only Xia Jian understands the meaning of this。
“Wang is always a shareholder of our venture group,Among them, the fruit industry base and the Hongchuanhexi resort have both invested in shares,And our investment in Qingshan County,I rely on her for many things,So whether it’s private or public,Our relationship is really good“Xia Jian smiled and said,Her answer is indeed not showing。
Guan Tingna:“Oh”Said:“What about what I just said?If she really shows up”
“do not worry,She is such a smart person who would not come to you for a word from her subordinates,In case she does speak up,You can help them in the layout,Give certain convenience on priority conditions,The price must be bitter,No penny。You still have to tell her,My house price will go up,Buying now means earning”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
When Guan Tingna and Xia Jian were talking,Dragon Ball has fallen asleep sitting on the edge。Just then,Someone knocked at the door,Guan Tingna went to open the door。Guo Meili brought Lin Wei in,They looked at Dragon Ball like this,Just say nothing,Helped her back to the room。
Wait for these people to leave,Guan Tingna suddenly sat down next to Xia Jian。She pretended to be drunk just now,I don’t need to install it now,But to be clear。Xia Jian thought of this,The little heart can’t help but speed up。