Go all the way,Many people greet him,Some people have no impression,Some people are familiar,What some people remember,He responded one by one,Leaving a stunned look。

Near home,The courtyard door is open,Auntie’s voice came out,“It’s been a few days,Old Wu is not reliable,I always said I could come back years ago,Seeing that the New Year will be around in a few days,People……If it doesn’t work,I went to the police,They have to push again and again,I make them go。”
“I said old girl,Just stop,You still have less trouble,That’s the police station, not the vegetable market,If people don’t care about Wu Changan’s face,,I can catch you for obstructing official duties,Believe it or not?”
“Yifan this child,It’s really not worrying,Said to leave for ten days,It’s been almost a month,Did not take the exam,I don’t even know where to find someone,So sad。”
“Uncle and aunt are here too……”Gan Yifan whispered softly,I listened to Grandpa again:“What did his uncle’s family say?”
Mention Gan Changshu’s family,Wang Lan Airway:“I’m angry when I mention them,Gan Changshu is busy giving gifts,After calling several times, I said something was wrong,Talk about everything,I wondered whether he appointed his wife by his side……Forget it,Forget it,Not mentioning their family,They don’t care about everything,We manage,I’ll call Lao Wu again……”
“I am back,Aunt。”Gan Yifan walks in,The first aunt,Then he called grandpa and grandma,The last uncle and mother called,You can tell from the order of address。
Quiet in the living room,Phone dropped,Make a crisp sound,Wang Lan suddenly recovered,Tears flowing,Don’t care about the phone,Rush over,Grabbing Gan Yifan and smoking a few times,“What the hell did you kid do?,One month soon,Can’t get through,No news,Are you dying of me……”
Gan Yifan smiled cheerfully,The more anxious Wang Lan is, the happier he will be,He’s happier hitting him。
I hugged my sister,Say:“I’m fine。”Keep silly。
soon,Uncle, aunt, grandpa and grandma are gone。
People come back safely,It’s not interesting for them to stay here,Although they can see that Gan Yifan has changed a lot this time,Understand politeness,Talk more,But the only person willing to get close to is Wang Lan,I only want to talk to Wang Landuo,And only polite to them。
To this nephew,Wang Qingquan can’t love it,But now I also want to help my nephew。Driving out of Lin’an Community,He said to his wife:“I will invite Chen Zikang to dinner tonight,Discuss everything about making up the exam,I’ll go to Wangyue Pavilion,You drive your parents home first。”
“Meal should be,After all, my father-in-law is gone,President Chen’s relationship must be maintained,but,Don’t mention the make-up exam,I talked to Principal Chen on the phone,He has arranged the start of school to make up the exam。Something weird,He mentioned that Director Li of the Education Bureau,Li Ju personally called him to talk about making up the exam。”
Wang Qingquan surprised,“Are you sure it is Li Ju?”
“nonsense,You talk in my ear all day,Can i hear me wrong?”