“First, it will be screened by the various universe nations,Select the elite after screening,Participate in the ultimate genius battle of the entire universe of human races。”

“Then decide the ranking in the finals!”
“Top 1,000 in the universe,Have three big rewards,One…According to ranking…Get ten mixed yuan units–The unit of a mixed dollar is trillions of universe coins—Bonuses ranging from 10,000 yuan。”If you can get the first place,The wealth you get is comparable to the wealth your teacher left in your real universe account,There are so many immortal and average net worth。Even if you just entered the first thousand,That’s all the wealth of the poorer world lord!”
“Second, get a place to enter the original universe。This initial universe is also a very special place,Has very special benefits for spiritual practice!Your teacher always wanted to go in,It’s a pity that all his wealth can’t buy a quota!”
“third,And the most important,You can become a core member of the virtual universe company…。That’s the core member,Not the identity of the headquarters elite genius that Mingyu gave you,Internal and external,In fact, they can only be regarded as‘Peripheral’!This core member represents,But countless treasures and secrets!”
“So powerful!”Li Ming was surprised:“Babata,Can the inheritance of these secrets be compared with what the teacher passed to me??”
“Li Ming,you need to know,Your teacher is very powerful and immortal,But the universe is vast,Strong middle player。”
“Black Dragon Mountain Empire,Naturally, I can’t give a better secret method than your teacher。But the advanced civilization of the universe,The cultivation of its core genius is probably still above you。Virtual universe,It’s far from being comparable to that of a dry witch universe!”
“It is said that the five major forces such as the virtual universe company,The core elite genius,Even the guards are served by the immortal strong,The resources it cultivates are far from comparable to your teachers。”
“so,Babata, you want me to participate in this peak genius battle!”
“of course,With your current strength,There may be years to improve—-There are still some hope to enter the virtual universe company。”
“There is some hope?!”Li Ming’s eyes stared:“I can use it in the virtual universe‘Yan Shenbing’First weight‘Magic Sword’Up,Just some hope。”
“The genius of the universe,That’s1008Universe,Countless elites,The disciples of the immortal strong are among them,There are even the disciples and descendants of the masters of the universe,How many geniuses will there be?!It’s exaggerated to say you have some hope, okay!fortunately,You still have a few years,Can make further progress。If with your current strength,I can enter a thousand unless I’m lucky!”Babata says:“Of course there are Hong and Thor,With your current strength,Not sure,But it might be possible in a few years!”
“so now!”Babata raised her voice:“I’ve experienced life and death,Anyway, with your potential,You can’t improve your strength even after a short period of time,Give me an honest practice in the virtual universe!”
“Li Ming,You must continue to be familiar with Yan Shenbing,Waiting for you to be able to flexibly control the three-handed magic sword,A thousand certainty before entering the universe。”
“And Hong,Get to know the origin of the laws of the universe earlier,You can be sure if you understand it。。。”
“Me and me?”Thor asked with his eyes widened。
“Don’t think about it,Strive to realize the realm of nine layers,Get a good result in this trial,Even if you can’t enter the core layer of the virtual universe,I believe there will be many big forces willing to accept you!”
on the earth,On the African continent。