Chen Linzhi, I don’t know what to say.。

People go to the prison door to pick them up,It should always be said that。
Politely invite her to eat lunch together,After being resolved,Chen Linzhi accompanied Zhao Bai Lu,Send each other to take the bus。
Multi-access fit,A be beng deliberate home,Estimate is not washed,There is also a smoke flavor,Size is small,Put together。
I didn’t talk dozens of meters.,Zhao Bai Luli to the same,Lead and ask him:“You seem to have changed personal,It’s not too the same as a few months ago.。”
“Go in and squat a few months,I am very sensible.,What did I get before??”Chen Linzhi, ask her。
“talkative,Love,It seems to be more live。”
Zhao Bai said,Hurry and add sentence:“I think you are better now.,Don’t be so impulsive later.,My dad, he is a police exploration.,Many people caught many people every day,Do you want to find a job??”
Chen Linzhi heard that this little Nizi is a gentle saying that he will help him cliff.,I am a little laughing here.。
After all, there are people in your twenties.,Actually, I was persuaded by a high school girl.“Originate“,This life is really a failure.。
Failure is the previous one,This will not feel the face.,Chen Linzhi calmly sentence:“Case,It is not easy to find a job.,And I can’t go to the school again this age.,I don’t think about it in the future.,But you can rest assured,Will not give you a chance to catch me?。”
Working is impossible to work,White is sent to the door to others,Inexpensively。
If possible,Chen Linzhi wants to try to do some small business,I know the social giant of the next pastur.、Industry change,Don’t say big fortune first,It should not be difficult to eat in his eyes.,I will never fall to the same time.。
I don’t want to find a job.,Zhao Bai looked at him thought that he really want to find,Instant movement can and help the idea。
Going too far away,Station and other cars。
After sending her to get on the bus,Chen Linzhi went back in the original road。
Insert a hands in the pocket,Brain is thinking。
For example, how to help the prisoner’s old man,Find the person he wants to find,Or, what to do is eaten behind?,The wallet is also clean than the face,Probably only relying on rice。
Roadside buns spread to the scent,There are also martial arts and Chinese medicine shop nearby,Traditional Chinese characters,Christmas decorations are everywhere,Shop door love hanging red lantern。
Various cultures come together,I can’t see a few white people or black people on the road.,Looking at it, it is almost all Asian,Japanese and South East Asians,Main still Chinese。
New culture,new life。
friend、Relatives,I think that I have completely said,Chen Linzhi is happy,Lazy is sleepy,Be with Yin Rong、A beam,Going to a small restaurant at home,Click four dishes and one soup,External plus white wine。
Alcohol,High degree high,The entrance has been spicy from the throat to the stomach。
A be beam eats fried pig liver at this moment,Body,A couple holding chopsticks pointing fingers at the door,Whisper tells:
“That is my new neighbor,Just come from the mainland,Originally hanging more than 40,000 dollars,Real estate agent is black,Helping the landlord from them to pit near 20,000。
How do I don’t have this big head?,If the old house can sell it,My mother wants to buy a small house with the door.,It is best to have two layers,When you get married。”
The price level and price of this era,Chen Linzhi’s understanding。
For example, in this Tang people,Office worker with a stable work,The annual income can have a five-six thousand dollars。
Like Yin His, he once in the hotel,Nothing technology,I can earn more than 4,000 dollars in the morning.,It is a nanny in the villa located in the Pacific Highlands.,Revenue is quite normal,There is the most affluent community in San Francisco,Rich gathering。
San Francisco an average annual salary of up to 10,000 dollars,One of the most prosperous cities in the west coast,White is generally higher than black、Asian,The worst thing is the smugglers of black workers,Income may only have one-third of the locals、Quarter。
Some black bosses let them dry a year or two,Do not give salary during the period,I have earned myself.,All will be seized repatriation,Continuous payment does not pay,This phenomenon is more common。
even so,Still a continuous source of people come over,Because this developed country earned money,As long as you save,Bring other developing countries,Really worth money。
Settled,Can struggle for two or three years,At least from the current view,It is no wonder that a large number of legal laws have emerged.、Illegal immigrants。
Waiting for the girrel。
Yin Zhaoba laughed:
“These years have been immigrants,My own globes,Hundreds of delicacies per month。Only don’t understand new immigrants,Will be slaughtered,What happens to find a few an intermediary,Not so much for the pit。”
“It may be sold in Yanjing Huangcheng,Let’s run with money.。”
Chen Linzhi said with a smile。
This is a big joke,However, whether it is Yin Yu or Ali,I can’t understand where I can’t laugh.,I can understand it after twenty years.。
Don’t think that the compatriots will be taken care of,In fact, in this Tang people,The most common group of pits is new immigrants,Rates will pay price、Buy a house will raise the price,I will buy something on the small boat.,The stall owners are used to quote according to accent。