First251chapter Mess
This document,Are eggs used?!
Mountain High Emperor Yuan,Even if it’s the city lord appointed by the Ji Ting Dynasty,Just settle in Runyu City,Must have been chopped so much that there are no bones left!
in the end,I am a grand-sounding city lord,But you still need to see the faces of those warlords!
Runyu City,Has been ceded、occupied、aggression,Changing the flag is faster than changing the season。
Generally speaking,When you have the lease of Runyu City on hand,Need to be handed over to the local state,Guobang will issue an appointment order,Appointed by the deed holder holding Guobang in one hand,Take the city deed in one hand and take office,Serve as the lord。
The result is so exaggerated that,Out of the border of the country,I wish Minglang and his party were originally going to a dry country to hand in the contract,Wait till Runyu City,Runyu City has become the territory of Tuguo,In terms of process,You have to go to Tuguo to hand in your documents……
Come and go,God knows if Runyu City will change ownership again。
So you have to really follow the rules of the dynasty,I wish Minglang don’t have to do anything,Running back and forth in these countriesGot it。
“Little Master,What to do,This Runyu City is not a good place。”Hao Ye’s face is embarrassing。
Zhu Minglang also has a headache。
All he wants is the seal of the city lord。
Right now the seal of the city lord is in the hands of the forces in this land,Belongs to the realm of Shenfan Academy。
Shenfan Academy also expressly stated,The seal of the city lord will only be granted to the city lord who has ruled in the city for more than one month,Other city lords with flowing water are not qualified to take the seal of the lord。
You need to know where the seal of the city lord is placed in Shenfan Academy,It’s easy to say who will keep it,There is no clue as to where the seal of the city lord belongs,I can’t lift the entire Shenfan Academy?
Arrived at a border village,A few people will stay here for now。
Most of the village houses are made of stone,Most people who come and go are hired soldiers、Dragon Herding Division、army、War vendor or something,There are not many ordinary people。
This land is called the brown land,Blood flowing in the sand,After a period of precipitation,Will become tea black,In fact, it is also caused by the endless wars of these four countries.。