How does the Tianlongren live,The value is almost equivalent to the life essence of gold,Actually used to raise fish?Take a bath?

Make trouble,I don’t bring money like this。
“Cough,Is the kind of small life essence,of course,If it is a higher life essence!”Leo suddenly turned his eyes。“If it is a super large life essence,Just a little bit!”
Leo squeezed his finger,Billion dots。
“Super life essence?What it is?”Tolchak looked at his men next to him。
“It’s the kind of liquid that you can take when you dissolve it with juice!”
Tolchak understood immediately。
“This can’t give you,Although we don’t care,But the old guy has asked!”Tolchak is slightly embarrassed。
He didn’t want to violate the severe instructions of those elders。
It’s just that he feels a little uncomfortable at this moment,He couldn’t bring out what Leo wanted。
This makes Tolchak very uncomfortable。
“I’ll use my usual juice to check out?”Torchak opened the mouth。
He thinks Leo likes these things。
The dog leg next to Leo immediately explained,But the tone is very light,The companion just now isn’t cold yet。
“Adults’ usual drinks are made of large-scale raw essence mixed with some medicines,The effect is much better than the large life essence,And easy to absorb!”
Leo sucks and lights up,These guys usually drink large life essence as water?
That’s the essence of a large life,Just one bite is a supernova。