The little fat man put his right hand on the crystal ball nervously,Suddenly the entire crystal ball began to emit a misty faint white light,Sometimes there is a small amount of cyan mixed in it。

The bald old man looked at the paper in his hand,Said indifferently:“age12year old,Elemental affinity,Light department medium,Inferior wind。”
“Now enter the magic circle,Test your mental power。remember,Stand up straight,Don’t kneel or fall,Support as long as possible。”The bald old man still has a cold voice,The boy nodded and stepped into the hexagonal magic circle。And the balding old man suddenly appeared a thick earthy yellow light,I saw an earthy yellow light merged into the magic circle。
Earth magic――Mental suppression!
Just a moment,The boy in the magic circle couldn’t hold on and fell to the ground。
“Mental strength,Is about three times the same age。There is no possibility of becoming a magician。”The bald old man announced coldly,Magic circle stopped running,The little fat guy walked out nonchalantly。
There was a noise around。
Teenagers were tested one by one,One of the top ten failed。Most of these teenagers are not as indifferent as the rich fat boy,A teenager even cried after failure。At this time in the magic circle is a young man of seventeen or eighteen,Tattered,Nervous,Looks like the thieves that can be seen everywhere in the imperial capital。People around are also talking about it,Because this young man is actually two-element affinity and superior!
Yep,To be precise, this young man is indeed an ordinary member of the imperial gang,It took several years for the boss of the gang to save such a gold coin to test the magic talent,If the magic talent is not detected,From then on,I will definitely be beaten when I go back。
Maybe so,Plus long-term hard life,The youth persisted longer than the previous ten。
“what?”The priest’s eyes lit up,When the power of the magic circle is about to increase again。
For a while,The young man finally hit the ground with both hands,Kneeled on the floor。
The old priest nodded with satisfaction,Finally there was a smile on his face:“Mental strength,18 times that of my peers。Reach the top talent,Elemental affinity has also reached the top。Very good talent!”The verdict of the bald old man,Also determines the fate of youth。Hear this sentence,The youth clenched his fist sharply,Excited,He knew his destiny had changed,The little gangster who imprisoned himself,Is no longer a problem!
“what,Damn。”Wright’s ear moved slightly,I heard the people around,The whispering curse of a rich middle-aged man。
“Get out。”A sharp gaze swept across this middle-aged man,Obviously Wright was not the only one who heard the curse of the middle-aged,Look at the youth staring at him fiercely,The old priest seems to understand something,Coldly snort very dissatisfied,Order the temple warrior to drive out the gang leader who looks like a little nobleman。If the youth just reaches the level of talent of a magician。He may not care about it,But the talent of youth is pretty good,It’s enough for him to send a personal favor。
Suddenly an assistant came over,Brought the youth to the group of recruiters from the Magic Academy。
Many people looked at the young man enviously。
Become a magician,Existing status、Have strength!
As the time goes,More and more people in the hall,Because the magic test lasts for seven days,So most people don’t worry for a while。When it’s Wright’s turn,Many people in the hall to take part in the test have lined up outside the hall。