Besides, they have seen the lying corpse on the ground。。。Is it the strong man who chased them?。

“This senior!”Bai Lin is a little stiff,Unfamiliar practitioners divide their generations by realm,But the opponent is strong,I’m afraid the realm is close to Tianxian, right,It’s okay to say that a senior。
“I am the worship of the Bai family,You can call me and declare worship!”
“Ming worship!”Bai Lin’s face is full of joy,He also knows the strength of the family,The stage of dispersing the immortals of the earth and immortals has declined somewhat,Can there be such a worship,Definitely a great fortune for the family。
“This enemy is dead,Then you two can also return to the sect or family first。”Li Ming looked at the two,Nodded and said:“Patriarch Bai and others still have high hopes for you,Can resist for so long under that bloody murderer,It’s pretty good!”
“Compared to the predecessors!”Bai Lin’s very senior。
“All right,If you are afraid that someone will assassinate,Just stay outside of Tianming Tower and don’t go,After I break through these layers of space, I will take you to leave together!”
Bai Lin and Zhou Xin looked at each other,Didn’t reject Li Ming’s kindness,Said that he would go and wait outside Tianming Tower。
And Li Ming is lazy at the moment to hide his strength,Directly evoke the sleeping nine-headed Sanxian puppet on the fifth floor,Beaten up,Then enter the sixth floor。
In a mountain range in the northernmost part of Luming County,There is a small village。
A farmer working in the field suddenly looked up at the sky。
“Has my deity been beheaded??Also good,The deity died,The blood-killing building’s containment of me through the drug secret technique disappeared completely,I’m really the sky is high and the sea is free to fly。But who is the one who killed me??At least the state of dispersing immortals for 700,000 years,And the power is stronger than my deity。。Even if it is blood, it may not be able to fight him。”
“The person I want to assassinate,Bai Lin from Dayanzong,Find a way to check him back。。It’s a pity that the deity is not in the bloody murder,A lot of secret information may be difficult to obtain!”
“Bai Lin,Unknown strong,And blood kill,You guys wait。”