However, the swordsman said nothing in the end,Just looking up at Yundong in a daze,That big hole hasn’t healed for a long time,But why the sky outside the clouds is so dark?No sun is night,Shouldn’t there be stars?

Other big names in the blood clan think so too,They think the sky is very unreal,Seems to be blocked by something,But why is this airspace?
But the big shots have not had time to think deeply,The altar went wrong,A sacrifice who presided over the blood oath suddenly fell backward,Its head flew into the air strangely,A flash of green light,Another standing supernatural power was cut in half by this brilliance。
“Blasting sword!”Swordsman’s pupils shrink,The small altar temporarily built in the northeast corner is far away,Although he recognized the leaf knife,But it’s difficult to locate the owner,The triangular head is spinning like no joints,And the two huge eyes on the forehead suddenly separated from the body together,Swiftly swept in the direction where the green light flashed。
The other kinsmen masters who reacted hurried to the place where the incident happened.,There are a few supernatural powers to seize the opportunity,Lift off,I can’t hear the roar of the swordsman,quickly,A supernatural power flying in the air was chopped into two by a sudden leaf knife,Rain of blood,Was swept away by the wind in an instant,Almost not much fall back to the ground。
This knife finally exposed Li Tianzhi’s position,So the knife man suddenly disappeared from Shin Na,The light green brilliance appeared to the southeast of the base of the huge altar,Hard to catch,But can’t escape the eyes of the swordsman,It’s just a moment when snowflakes reversed with the wind,A cold glare shines,Instantly tore away the gloomy dust and wind and snow,It was a huge iron knife that appeared abruptly,And volleyed at an unimaginable speed。
A thin crack appeared in the wasteland on the southeast corner of the altar,Extremely straight and neat,But with a bang,The crack turned into a terrible big hole,The power of this sword cannot even withstand the underground frozen soil as hard as steel,at the same time,Suddenly there was a very low metal crash in the sky,With the bloom of green brilliance,Li Tianzhen’s figure fell from the clouds,Behind the clouds is the outline of a huge golden praying mantis,His two arms are two giant iron knives,Slashed on the ground,Slash into the air。
Li Tianzhen Continuous Folding Space,Avoided the first cut,But didn’t avoid the second cut,I can only sacrifice a leaf knife to fight hard,I didn’t expect the other party’s true essence to be vigorous and violent,Got hurt with one knife,His body rolled in the air,Like falling leaves in a violent wind,Seems slow,But the direction is difficult,In fact, it is extremely superb drag knife technique,If the other party dared to post too close,Will be furiously counterattacked by him。
But the knife man is not fooled,The huge body draws a strange arc,In the blink of an eye, he detoured to Li Tianzhen’s side,Violent sword,Li Tianchou has already sacrificed his big black spear,Under the pupil of true vision, the trajectory of the opponent’s knife body can be seen,So a shot,Not for the body of the swordsman,But the blade like a mountain,Ding,Then sparks splattered,The tip of the gun pierced the blade,Then yours is extremely accurate。
He used great strength,So that the thick barrel of the gun bends,The two huge eyes of the praying mantis are high in the sky,Immediately understood Li Tianzhi’s intentions,However, his first cut is often not a real killer move,The second cut,Falling like a mountain,Instantly blocked all the routes that Li Tianzhen could escape。
But the weird thing is,Li Tianzhen suddenly disappeared,The spear suddenly turned into a black dragon with its head raised and chanting,Straight to the sky,Dangerous and dangerous avoiding the extremely sharp blade,Still use space technique,This time Li Tianzhen’s adventure distorted the space,Twist the trajectory of the heavy knife shadow into a small arc。A slight change is too late for the knife customer to detect。
The black dragon opens his blood basin and mouths,The target turned out to be the eyeball on the left side of the praying mantis,The urgency of castration is like lightning,It’s completely using the elastic force just now,The praying mantis does not panic,Open a bigger mouth and bite towards the black dragon,Suddenly green light reappears,Extremely dazzling,The goal is still running in the eyes of the praying mantis,Huge roar,Shocking,It shows that Li Tianzhen has infused all the true essence of life。
Praying mantis dare not care,The huge body retreats quickly,The black dragon took advantage of the momentum,In the blink of an eye, I was submerged in the lead-colored cloud,The green light whizzed across the mountain col,Also disappeared quickly。
The wind has stopped,Scattered snowflakes turned into heavy snow,The cloud hole washed away by blood is still transparent,Inside is endless darkness,The knife guest looked up at the sky unwillingly,Two huge and weird eyes keep flipping,Trying to see from the clouds above,Unfortunately, nothing was found,I can’t help it even with a thousand hatred in my chest。
The brief confrontation with Li Tianchou was nothing but a two-breath.,The knife customer has a deep sense of frustration,I thought that even if I couldn’t take the opponent quickly,I am also very confident to drag other companions to come and besiege,Vow to kill this personality on the spot,But the clinker Li Xiu has a lot of tricks,He couldn’t even do this,I feel serious immediately。
Sina stood still in the distance,The gloomy face has hardly changed,Neither she nor the other elder who was hiding in the shadows took action,Because I am waiting for another stronger guy,Unfortunately from beginning to end,That person did not show up,But not showing up is more worrying,of course,This anxiety,Sinna as the high priest will not show it。
They are not waiting for Dayan,But Liu Mo,Among the three opponents that appeared in the wasteland,Liu Mo is naturally the strongest,But I don’t know that Liu Mo has left,He disdains to participate in the fight between these races,I just want to be a guardian,I just want to meet that terrifying mighty one again before returning to the Galaxy,No matter what other guardians think,He always has this attitude,This time, making an exception to the wasteland is just to do my fellowship。
These recent events,The blood family knows nothing,Even Li Tianzhen’s sudden attack was unprepared,Swordsman Wrath,Are so many eyes and ears buried in the wasteland dead??
The news will come back soon,Those eyes and ears are really dead,Not alive。