“All right,The contract has been signed。”Ai Xi nodded, standing by:“Then Li Ming,Let’s meet at Yuxiang Mountain。”

Man Luo nodded with a smile,Also disappeared on this layer。
With Li Ming signed the contract,Time and space changes around,From the witness space to the third floor of the killing field。
“Without delay,Li Ming, why don’t we go directly to the assessment?,There are so many nights and dreams!”Babata agitated。
Li Ming holds the contract,Nodded seriously。
Through the link on the contract,Directly into a space。
Whole space,Like an endless galaxy,And under his feet is a fragment of the planet。
Look at the part of the arc on the fragment,And tens of thousands of rock fragments around,This should be a broken asteroid。
then.Then no more。After Li Ming’s consciousness entered this space,,Barbata is directly barred from entering。Then nothing happened。
“No enemies,No explanation,Even Babata was kicked out of this space.By the way, the assessment of the Virtual Universe Company is not an assessment of my patience.!”Li Ming is a little helpless,Then sit down with your legs crossed,Spiritual power is directly emitted,Detect possible enemies。
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Chapter 29 The Assessment Starts
A few minutes ago。
Virtual universe,Above Thunder Island。
A thin figure opened his eyes,His body is covered with a layer of hard rock,No whites in the eyes,But pure dark golden pupils,Amazing。
But he is not a real human powerhouse。strictly speaking,He is a being similar to intelligent life。
Human virtual universe,It may be that since the birth of this universe,The most incredible miracle。Even the mechanical clan known as the strongest technological force,At most, create a star area(Universe country)Virtual space,While maintaining real-time synchronization。And the human virtual universe,But covers the entire human territory,include1008Universe country,Original universe and other places。