There is an indescribable dullness in the quiet carriage,To avoid drawing attention,Tao Meng and Liu Yongzhi will not communicate too often,Often say the last two sentences,Just take a break,Stretch,Or drink water,Or just look at the scenery outside,So it’s still hidden。

The car suddenly drove into a fork after making a sharp turn,And the speed suddenly increased,Tao Meng keenly discovered that the route was wrong,Although he never drove this provincial highway,But it’s quite different from the route shown on the watch map。
“Old Gu,Wrong way?”
“what?That’s right,The landslide on Eagle Mountain ahead needs to be repaired,I got traffic news in the morning,To take a detour。”
“But you didn’t seem to say it before leaving。”
“Damn,Look at my memory,Last year old,Forgetfulness。”Although Old Gu is talking,But the movements on the hands and feet are quite neat,Frequent shifts,The roaring speed of the Jinbei van is also breathtaking。
“parking!”Tao sharply shouted。
Chapter 599 Road Fright
“Sit down!”Old Gu not only ignored,And yelled aloud,Continue to bang the throttle,The car ran wildly in the violent bumps,Tao Meng grabbed An Yongxiang beside him,Keep it behind,Then pulled out the pistol。
Look at Wen Feng behind,Suddenly wake up,I stand up straight after a single stroke,Tugging at the back of the chair with one hand,maintain balance,The other hand touched the waist unconsciously。
“do not move!”Liu Yongzhi’s voice came from behind,The pistol that has been tough has reached his back,And Ji Xuejun on the side wakes up,I haven’t figured out the situation yet,Step back several steps,Almost didn’t hold the center of gravity。
Liu Yongzhi used his hips against the back of the chair,Hold the body,The other hand quickly fumbled behind Wen Feng,A May 4th pistol is in hand,He threw it to Tao Meng,Then he rushed to the back of the driver’s seat after two steps,Raise the pistol at old Gu,“warn you,Stop now!”
“Damn,I said you are all messing around?I don’t see a tail behind?”Always staring at the road ahead without squinting,Hold the steering wheel tightly with both hands,Very focused,I didn’t care about the muzzle behind me。