After connecting with Liu Ying,Wang Youcai let Wu Wu go back,He drove out of town by himself。He thought,I can’t let him run into this car inspection every day.!

Liu Ying sitting in the co-pilot,With a smile。She was a little embarrassed to ask Wang Youcai:“The boss changed cars again?”
“Is it?,Which car has passed the end of life,Was taken back”Wang Youcai said very easily。
Liu Ying smiled,The one who had nothing to say, asked again:“It’s all over,You didn’t bring Yao Chunni over?”
“Why take her?!She said it must be past October to marry me。Doesn’t this bring trouble?,Why not let her stay at my house。Oh!I found a helper for you,Don’t worry”Wang Youcai said very happily。
He found out that Liu Ying was back home,Just half a month,People become a little darker,But obviously lost a lot,The saying goes。Anyway, Wang Youcai thinks Liu Ying is a lot more beautiful。
When the car passed a grain and oil store in Baishui Town,Wang Youcai stopped the car for a while,Then look inside the store,I just saw a woman sitting。This woman looks thirty years old,Looks a little handsome。
Wang Youcai glanced at Liu Ying and said:“Look at Liu Ying,As soon as we started, there were 50 or 60 people,Just eating and drinking is not a trivial matter,Let’s talk about a grain and oil store,After making the price,How about letting them deliver us home?”
“That’s good,The price may be higher”Liu Ying said very seriously。
When Wang Youcai and Liu Yingzheng were talking about this,The woman in the shop found the water car driven by Wang Youcai,Smiled and walked out。
“Yo!The big boss,Do you want to buy bag noodles??”Women laugh so sweetly。
Wang Youcai drove the shop down,He first looked at the woman from head to toe,He found that this woman is really good,The skin is not very good,But his face is pretty handsome,Especially this figure is also good。
Only he found,There is a small mole on the woman’s chin,I feel like this woman is a bit demon。
“Don’t hesitate anymore boss,Our Baishui Town,There are only two companies dealing in grain and oil,The price and quality are similar,We are doing business of conscience,If you don’t believe me, just take a bag and eat”The woman said and left Wang Youcai。