Di Chen curled his lips,The master and apprentice are really deceived,Then Di Chen waved his hand too:

“Forget it,If you don’t believe it, forget it,Read it in a while,You will understand!”
Then Di Chen yelled at the bottom:“Ready to start!”
Jingpu below,Which white-haired old man looked at Jingpu and sighed slightly:
“I will let you do it,come on。”
The white-haired old man is not a fool,Look at Ling Tiannan just now,I know the relationship between Jingpu and Ling Tiannan is not shallow,It’s hard to be a man in the middle,and so,The white-haired old man planned,Let’s make a move,Then in the final round, he knocked down Jingpu directly。
See the white-haired old man in front say this,Jingpu nodded slightly and quickly said:
“Thank you senior。”
Finished,Jingpu from his own space bag,Take out my saber,Many of Jingpu’s sabers are made by themselves,Take it out and use it first。
And when Jingpu held a long sword,Temperament of the whole person,It’s different in an instant!
Ethereal,Meaning of vastness,It burst out from Jingpu’s body in an instant!
Like a sword fairy,God comes to the world!
See this scene,Even Di Chen felt a little bit in his heart,For a moment,Di Chen thought,Is it true that I am wrong??!
This momentum……and also……Too scary?!