Xi Zhen and Lin Wei also walked in after the meeting。They both said hello to Xia Jian,So I went to work separately。Because Xia Jian is accompanied by their boss Guo Meili after all,They were too embarrassed to sit down and go lazy。

“Hey!It’s May Day soon,What are the arrangements?“Guo Meili asked with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I want to go back to Bucheon to see my parents,But Yao Junli was hospitalized in the provincial capital,As a friend i should go see her“
“Both things are important,But you can’t make it in only three days!“Guo Meili said worriedly for Xia Jian。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“I also figured it out,So what do you desperately do。I want to take a few days off,Let yourself relax。Good or bad anyway,The leader is not only insensitive,Instead, I’m looking for your trouble“
“I told you,Your character is not suitable for official career。First of all you don’t understand the rules of officialdom,Can’t handle the relationship between superiors and superiors,This is bound to make you beat your head“Guo Meili persuaded Xia Jian softly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I don’t want to be a big official,As long as you can hold Pingyang Town“
“That is impossible,You have to be mentally prepared in advance。There is a saying that steel should be placed on the blade,You are likely to be this good piece of steel“Guo Meili is concerned about some things in officialdom,Know more than Xia Jian。Because she used to work in the township。
Xia Jian thought,It took a while before he raised his head and said:”What you said is right。Secretary Wang in our town will retire in two years,But he was still transferred,And Donglin Township is still very poor。From him,I have seen my future“
“So?,You should return to the Venture Group,By your ability,Once back,I’m sure I can do another big business“Guo Meili said,Turn the topic back,I just want Xia Jian to come back,Stop being a thankless mayor。
Xia Jian shook his head very firmly and said:“Can’t come back,I can’t live without Pingyang Town,The current development of Pingyang Town cannot do without me,It’s not me,But the actual situation“Xia Jian said with a heavy heart。
He can’t figure it out,Why does every leader have so much dissatisfaction with him,Is it true that I didn’t do things well?,Really don’t know how to deal with the relationship between superiors and superiors?
Xia Jian thought for a long time,Still haven’t figured out this problem。Guo Meili looked at him a little distressed,Heartache, he said:“Easy to change,Hard to change nature。Just do it yourself,Actually there is no need to please anyone,Big deal quit,Leave officialdom“
“Correct!I like your words,I really don’t need to please anyone,Even my superior,What’s wrong?Because i don’t get promoted,I just want to do something practical for the people in Pingyang Town“Xia Jian finally figured it out,He patted his thigh,Very happy to say。