Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It depends on how the court judges,I don’t know much about such things,If you feel wronged,You can find a lawyer to defend Wang Youfa“

“I first state my position,You called the police last night,I think you are not wrong,If you don’t report others will report,What’s more, this is what the old man meant by crooking his son,You have to do this as a village cadre“Song Fang glanced at Wang Youdao,Speak loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Do you understand the truth,But some people don’t think so,They think more,It’s revenge against your old Wang family“
“Isn’t this bullshit?What hate can you avenge??It’s purely for a full day and nothing to do“Song Fang said disdainfully。
Wang Youdao’s face changed,Said to Song Fang coldly:“It’s useless after you finish,Please go out after talking,I want to talk to Xia Jian about business。My brother is going in,You don’t seem to be sad,I’m a little happy instead!“
“Wang Youdao!What do you want to say?You make me mess around like your mother,Can this solve the problem?“Song Fang roared loudly。
Wang Youdao found out that he stabbed the ant nest,He looked at Xia Jian helplessly。Xia Jian thought it was in his own home,Not to mention the Chinese New Year,He doesn’t want to make the house full of quarrels。
So he took a breath and said:“Song Fang!Stop arguing,You go back first!I will discuss with Wang Youdao,See if there is any good way to relieve Wang Youfa’s responsibility“
this time,Song Fang is obedient,She stood up and left。Song Fang is away,Wang Youdao said to Xia Jian:“Anyway,You are a cadre in the village,Something like this happened last night,It has something to do with you“
“Wang Youdao!Don’t mess around,What did things last night have to do with me?Is it wrong for me to play a drum??“Xia Jian is upset,He couldn’t help but said coldly。
Wang Youdao paused and said:“My big brother,Only you can save him,So you still need your help。As the saying goes,The trouble should end it“
Xia Jian never thought,This Wang Youdao is so difficult。He came across this thing last night,It’s like a bad luck for eight lifetimes,He regrets reporting to the police。
“What do you want me to do?Speak straight!“Xia Jian said reluctantly。
Wang Youdao thought for a while and said:“It doesn’t work for any of us to go to the police,But only one person can,That’s Wang Laowai’s son,He can only tell the police,My brother might be able to reduce the blame“
“Just contact your family and their family,As long as your family members are sincere,This is not difficult“Xia Jian kicked the ball Wang Youdao gave him and kicked it out。It turns out that Wang Youdao wanted him to be a lobbyist,He doesn’t want to do such a thing。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“You saw it too,What is the hatred of their family towards our family?。Not even saying a word,How do you let us get in touch。But don’t worry,money is not the problem,As long as their family agrees to release“
The more Xia Jian listens, the less it tastes,He changed his face and said:“Your family does this,No one can accept it。From last night to now,Only you go to mourn,Apart from this,What sincerity did your family show to make their family believe you?
Wang Youdao was speechless,He lowered his head,Silent。