His breath is more pure,His original torn soul healed,I have to admit that the ninety-nine Phoenix Nirvana is a very favorable role in the cure soul.,not only,He feels that the origin of the zombies that have brought to the zombies is also cured.。

“Three brothers,Jump into the sea,This is a dress。”Zhang Shaoze’s figure came to Lin Feng’s side.,Take a suit and shoes。
“it is good!”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled,Immediately turned and jumped into the ocean,Rinse the body,Theney is rushed up and put on clothes.。
Lin Feng’s figure came to Tang no trace,Wang Chao,Hell,Friendly tribute to the front of the home:“Thank you!”
“Well you are welcome。”Tang no trace。
“All said,This is the cause of your own accumulation.。”Wang Chao laughed。
“good!”The Lord of Hell is also laughing。
“Lin Feng,Don’t you admit,This is accumulated in this yourself,Operating income。”Fei Xiange is laughing。
“Ha ha,No matter how,I wrote this kind of kindness.。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled。
“Your soul wound should be healed,But if the next time, if the soul is reached,It’s hard to cure,Even if you take the ninety-nine phoenix Nirvana, you will use it.。”Tang no trace:“But you have to protect。”
“indeed so。”Lin Feng wrinkled frown,He but the memory is too deep.,This kind of attack is essentially difficult to defend。
“Soul defense,Requirements of the soul,I have a real life here to give you。”Tang no trace:“Implicit,You take it.。”Tang Dynasty, there is no trace, directly, I will give Lin Feng a shabby book.。
NS628chapter Auction grand event
“a!”Lin Feng looked at this book slightly shocked。
“good,It is six characters true words。”Tang no slut:“In fact, all their respects have soul attack techniques.,Bonfire,Wang Meng,Obacoo this little guy will,And you don’t seem to practice。”
“I am not practicing,But I don’t know this.。”Lin Fengnan is smirk,His exercises have not been recorded in this area.。
“Your kid。”Wang Chao wrote:“阎 主 主 无 神 让 让 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师?”
“Big brother,I also have a hard work.,My teacher is indeed gratitude to me.,She is out of the morning,Didn’t come and teach me this。”Lin Feng sorrows。
“Ok,This six-character mantra belongs to Buddha,Or correspondence with the set of gods on you,I want to add this six words.,Your skill is complete。”Wang Chaoyi:“This is the real big day heart。”
“You also know?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“The Moon Sister is talking to me.,I also mentioned these and no margins.,Original committee,He understands the original committee of these six characters,The six words of the six words are not the six words of the Buddha.,It is the six-character true words after the emperor is interpreted.,Six words or the six words,Just sending the way and the will,The meaning of the mantra is different.。”Wang Chao explained。
“so it is。”Lin Feng went to heaven and smiled:“Uncle,Thank you。”
“Ha ha,All right,You don’t have to be polite.。”After the tone of Tang, there is still a regret of the color:“Unfortunately, you have returned Huangquan’s Lord.。”
“Maybe one day I will regret it.,May not。”Lin Feng’s mouth with a smile:“I will respect him this life.。”How do he don’t know the other meaning of Huangquan?,Teach clothes,Or can’t see yourself being pressed。
“All right,Don’t regret it if you make a decision.。”Hell’s laugh:“Good to participate in these six words,You are the control of the Daily Heart,And this truth is the six-character true words belonging to the Emperor.,Well-practice,There is also a great help to condense the gods in the future.。”
“Um!”Lin Feng heard a little bit。
“One more thing,Even we have a few full-handed shelter you,But some people are still in danger.,You have to be careful everywhere.。”Wang Chaoqi Delivery:“But it is necessary to practice it.。”
“I see,Big brother。”Wang Chao。
“Let it go,I can’t wait to tomorrow.,Do not,It should be a auction today.。”Fei Xianjiage laughing,Hands shaking in the sword,Killing sword This handle sword is destined to take a high price,This event is much more lively than he imagined.。
“Ha ha,it is good!”Tang no trace,The main people of hell are laughing。