Although it is a criminal law,But this group of guys must be really unhappy.,Is it coming to death??Unlike!

Lin Feng directly went straight to a slap,Suddenly slap the sound sound,These figures have been flying out by Lin Feng.,Heavy fell。
Lin Feng took out a circle,This circle broke out of the appearance,Suddenly covered this mountain, a mountain, composed of time and space,This mountain has made a dramatic bumper sound.。
A loud noise,The mountains and spaces of this time and space are directly pulled into the mixed day.,The items such as the storage ring on these strong people have broken down。
not only that,Their clothes are all flying out.。
“My ring,I have many time and space of time and space.!”
“my clothes!”
“I rubbed,My congenital Lingbao!”
“My Lingbao!”
“not good……”
With the development of the mixed loop,The storage ring on these big powers,clothing,Lingbao fly to Lin Feng,At this moment, the mixed loop demonstrate his original Shenwei.。
It’s almost in an instant to disappear.。
The figure of Lin Feng also disappeared in the void。
Just when Lin Feng left,This kind of void appears a black hole,The black hole came out of a figure.,This breath is shocked,Wearing a robe of a criminal affairs of the Monte Mon。
Brought a breath,The eyes are cold and cold。
This is a fairy。
This fairy saw a few figure lying in the sea,His face is gloomy and sinking:“Who is dry!”
This Xian family has emerged on terrible breath.,If Lin Feng is here, this person is a house owner of the Shentou Temple.,And belonging to the Criminal Law。
Belong to the Blood God Hall Criminal Law。
The blood god hall and Nanshan Tang belong to Jiuge。
This person is famous for the day,Happy day,A face of killing,Carrying hands。
These strong people have moved this man.,This man saw a group of people without clothes,Suddenly his face。
“Who is dry!”
Maxima,The low tone is once again,He is also a house of the Montera Temple.,And in charge of criminal law,What is the average person dare to sin him?。
“Nanshan Tang,A man in merits。”A man panic explained:“Owner,We discovered a mountainous and space formed.,At least6000Ten thousand pieces!”
In order to cause the anger of this owner,This Fairy strong is directly exaggerated,The mountains formed by this time and space are once again exaggerated。
“good,Owner,You have to be a master for us,Let’s first discovery。”
“Yes,Owner,He not only grabs our time and space crystal,Also grab our storage ring,Take our time and space!”