The people in people kills decisions,These two families have shown that they want to take the opportunity to swallow them.。

“Aunt,Can you use the sheft?……”Hong Hai suddenly hesitated。
Liu Wei heard the words when he was talking,Lin Feng has spoken:“inappropriate!”He and Bei Xue Yin have the case of secret。
And Liu Wei is working here.,The interests of Beijia who have originally violated。
How can Beijia can save?
If it is a rescue,I am afraid that they pay a heavy cost like they.。
And it is necessary to suppress the two great power??There is a saying,Strong Dragon is irrespective,Beijia is strong dragon,The forces are not here,And the conclusion and the evil dragon is the land of the earth.。
“Xiao Feng said good,The person of Baye has talked to me.。”Liu Wei smiled and shook his head:“This robbery can only spend themselves。”
“Do they have to come to you??”Lin Feng suddenly。
“good,Three days after three days, Vice President,Evil Dragon helps the side of the owner to come to Zhongzhou City。”Liu Wei nodded:“Said to come to visit。”
“Interview?”Lin Feng bruises,He looked at the big flight,Hong Hai,Black and white hand, etc.。
Zu Qinglong,Black and white hand,Hong Hai,Dali four people and Lin Feng’s eyes are in touch with,Several people have made an agreement between a moment,With a sinous and decisive。
Not do,Two nonsense!
“Come visit at night。”Liu Wei reminded:“be careful。”
“Aunt,This thing we will solve,Jewelry,Jade supply is not reduced,How to prepare for how to prepare。”Lin Feng explained:“The forces of other provinces and their temporary agreement,Waiting for me to handle the things in Huayai Province。”
Several people have worked hard,How could it be cheap??
10%Profit,What is the difference between this and robbery?。
Don’t think!
It’s better to get to make money to the mountain children.。
“it is good,I believe you。”Liu Wei smiled and said:“Xiaohai also secretly came back,At that time, your uncle will also accompany you to eat.,But identity should hide。”
“Thank you aunt!”Lin Feng heard the praise。
“it is good!”Zu Qinglong,Black and white hand,Big fly,Hong Hai four people heard the words,More than one combat power,Although they can’t match the strong people of half-step farmers。
But they are more。
“All right,You talk about things.,I go first。”Liu Wei is standing up and turned around.。
“even so,I also have a bit of power.。”After a long time, Lin Feng looked at the people.,He can only be entangled in a master like a big flight.。
“Fortunately, we have the treatment,You can do two defeats。”Hong Hai light is a hot way:“Monochcript,I have confidence, kill one person.。”
“I also have confidence!”Grandflang biting his teeth,He is now hurt healing,After being soaked by colorful quenching,Instead, the skill is more winning。
“I can block a strong man in half a stepwood.,Even。”Zu Qinglong suddenly opened the mouth。
Tell this,Lin Feng and others are incredible to watch the ancestors.。
“Qinglong Uncle,You enter a half-step martial art?”Lin Feng looked at the ancestors。
“good,I have been disabled in years.,But I will also know about the martial arts.,My realm has been in the past few years.,This time, the body is quenched with a colorful quenching liquid.,Wash the marrow,Let me get more than the past,Water to the streak into the semi-step martial art。”Zu Qinglong laughs。