Xu Laifu feels that Li Rong is looking for something that he should be difficult.。

After all, Li Pei Feng felt a difficult thing, then he can’t do it for him.。
“Very simple,Help me manage the house of the street,I said that I am not in the village.。”
“What is the benefit of me??”
Xu Lai Fu heard this,I didn’t say promise,I didn’t say it.,Directly ask。
After all, I am familiar with Li.,Some words, he is also dare.。
“The advantage is too much.,I put it away from God.,How about it?”
“You also know that Tianzhi has promised to give me three years.,And he has a girlfriend in Rao Shang City.,If I let him go,Maybe I will soon give you a woman.,Do you believe it?”
For Xu Tianci,Xu Laifu is naturally known。
He didn’t think that Li Hui Feng also know so clearly.。
I immediately laughed:“Can,make a deal。”
“it is good,Uncle,Let’s say this.。”
Li Hui Hui chatted with each other.,Then go to the town party committee。
Just when Li Hui Feng went to the town party committee,Zhao Xiaoli found Zhao Xiaoling。
“Little girl,what’s up?Why don’t you tell me?。”
Zhao Xiaoling heard this,It also feels some grievances.:“I don’t know, don’t you know??Still knowing this morning。”
“And he returned to the girlfriend,So what are we doing??”
Zhao Xiaoling thinks this is a sad heart.。
Zhao Xiaoli heard this,It’s also stunned.。
“Is Qin Su??”
“no,Is a name called Xu Ru。”
Zhao Xiaoling is also looking for someone to say,After all, the security team patrols every day in the village.,The same is also the collection of gossip,These people should say to these gossip security.。
“Xu Ru?”
Zhao Xiaoli thought about it.,Also think of who is it?。
I immediately sighed:“Our sisters are competitive.,You know that the breeze is at the beginning of Qin Su.,Then who will save the wind??”
“This is this Xu Ruzhen,And still a female boss,very beautiful。”
Zhao Xiaoling heard that his sister said,She is even more confident。
At the same time, it is also a thing that I think that Li Hui is to buy a villa.,At that time, Li took the wind and was already prepared today.。
That villa’s big probability is compensation with her breakup。
Think about it,Zhao Xiaoling also said the previous thing and Zhao Xiaoli。
Zhao Xiaoli listened to the surprise and angry。
“You a dead girl,How is this important thing?,When my sister, I can still have a vinegar with you.?”
“If you say that I don’t have to worry about this??”
“Do not worry,Since the small wind gives you a house,And also said that you will later,Then prove he will not leave you.。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli’s analysis,Zhao Xiaoling has some uncertainty。
“Then he brought his girlfriend.,I know that we are all in the village.,Isn’t it just right??”
“You really don’t understand men。”