Electrolyte disorders have always been one of the causes of death!

What’s more, still maintaining myocardial excitement of potassium ions!
Zhou Ye is also instantaneous,Understand why Chen Riyuan is so anxiously。
“This electrolyte report order is still during the day.,What is the doctor here?,That patient is boy?”Chen Riyuan looked at the medical advice system directly.。
What Nima is getting?
afternoon1Apart report,I have been at night.6Point has not given a symptomatic treatment?
“The doctor now,Really not reported,I don’t know how to deal with it.。”Chen Riyuan is a little overgrown。
Fortunately, this patient’s diet is still,Otherwise, it is estimated that the situation will be worse.。
Chen Riyuan looked at this doctor’s system,Suddenly somewhat awkward。
He wants to go to the doctor,But I found that this doctor’s system is not useful.。
The medical advice and Tianfeng City here is different.!
“Xiao Wu,You come to help me see this doctor’s system,How to,I want to supplement potassium。”Chen Riyuan asks to help。
“Let me see。”Zhou Niwu is also the first time to face the doctor’s advice on Wuhan.。
He toss it with a keyboard,It is also a blind man.,blind
NS180chapter Multi-organs will be damaged
“Director Hu Yu and Director Sun Jun still come?Will not catch up with things。”Zhou Ye wondered。
Chen Riyuan also sighed。
Two people do this,Here waiting here。
“Continue to see patients?”Chen Ziyuan pointed to the patient’s medical record on the computer。
Zhou Ye plays a bit of a little face,Instantly become more uncomfortable。
It is also a very boring thing to see a patient.。
And the key is to look at Chen Riyuan now.,Waiting for people,It’s another watching。
When is this going to see??
Zhou Ye went to Liuhai, blowing his own amount.,I feel that I have a hard project.。
Face these indicators and test orders every day,Not interested。
“Look at the patient again,Don’t forget that our purpose of Wuhan this time。”Chen Riyuan Road。
This is also like a head of the head and wakes up.。
He actually almost forgot to come to Wuhan’s purpose.!
He has to come over to the anti-!Come over and newGVirus is struggling!
It’s dry now.?Look at a few patients are not active.?
Zhou Ye realizes that his attitude is not correct.,Some self-blame。
Then I followed Chen Riyuan to continue to see patients.。
The patient in the entire intensive disseval of the disease is actually as bad as it is imagined.。
Although the name is called a serious illness,Can be in normal hospitalICUStill different!
In the six disease area, it is actually only a new diagnosis.GThe patient is diversified in the six disease area.,Signature stability。
“Patients who combine other departments system。”Zhou Ye looks at the dazzling diagnosis of electronic medical records.。
The current intensity is a bit like the whole department.,Diseases in the multi-course。